Thursday, November 28, 2013

CBHS Individual Trophies and Awards - Nov '13

At the recent Celebration ceremony  at Camps Bay High School, the following Academic and Sporting awards were made:

Special Prizewinners

Prefects of 2013 Supporter’s Trophy;
for the Keenest Supporter(s):

    Damian ERWEE
Gerald Gordon Trophy;
for The Learner with the Best General Knowledge in Grades Eight, Nine or Ten:

    Noah EMERY
Colin Eglin Trophy;
for The Learner with the Best General Knowledge in Grades Eleven or Twelve:

    Danielle JACOBSON
Barret-Smith/Hofmeyr Library Trophy;

for The Most diligent Senior Reader:

    Regina SETSUMI

ACTA Trophy Against Cruelty to Animals:

This trophy is awarded to the learner who showed the most compassion towards suffering animals this year and who did the most to support animal welfare and animal charity organisations:

    Leah COTTON

for the Most Active Cultural Society on Campus in 2013:

for The Most Active Society on Campus in 2013:


Russell Kaplan Trophy;
for Social Awareness:

    Maxine BEIMEL   

President’s Awards:

The President’s Awards are an internationally-recognised individual development program for young people. This is the most prestigious award that can be given to a South African teenager. The certificates, signed by President Jacob Zuma and Prince Phillip, are awarded to those participants who have completed stringent requirements in four categories, namely: service to the community, skills and interest, adventurous journey, and physical recreation. The learners receiving gold also completed a residential project for five days.

In the Bronze category:

    Kitunde ABAYOMI
    Jemma COOK
    Bevan GEYSER
    Kanya GULWA
    Inca HORN
    Katelyn JONES
    Tor KAPLAN
    Keanu LILTVED
    Elena PILLER
    Kelsy VAN ECK
    Jessica WAY
    Sesona ZENGETHWA

In the Silver category:

    Maxine BEIMEL
    Jamaica-Rose BRUNDA
    Cullam GEYSER
    Karla LERM
    Mikaela LILTVED
    Sarah SCHUMANN
    Asongezwa SITWEBILE
    Robin TAYLOR

In the Gold Category:
These learners received their awards from Mr Jacob Zuma and the Count and Countess of Wessex.

    Fatima ELLEMDEEN
    Nicole HORN

Prestigious Awards:
Lions Service Trophy;
for Outstanding Service to the School by a Learner in Grades Eight to Ten:

    Bongiwe MNGOMEZULU
Lions Service Trophy;
for Outstanding Service to the School by a Learner in Grades Eleven to Twelve:

    Cullam GEYSER and Liam VISSER

The Junior Honour Trophy donated by the Watson Family;
for The Junior learner who Best Displays the Qualities of CBHS):

    Asemahle MGOGOSHE    
1961 Matric Honour Trophy is awarded to the pupil
who best displays the Qualities of the Camps Bay Matric Class of 2012.
This trophy is voted by the Matric Class and the award this year goes to:
…none other than…

    Asongezwa SITWEBELE

Anneli Human Trophy;

for Joy for Living (Carpe Diem)
This awad is voted by the Matric Class:

    Nicole HORN   
Stephen Gordon Trophy;
for Special Endeavour:

    Sufiyan MANSURI
Honour Awards:

    Matthew SAMUELS –
SA Figure Skating
    Luke KITCHIN
– SA Body Boarding
    Taylor SMITH
– SA Dressage
    Kiyan Van RENSBURG
– Springbok SCOUTS
    Joshua SAMSON- Drama
– FELIX The Movie
    Mvelisi MVANDABA
– Drama – "SPUD, The Movie"
    Mayhew STEYN – Academics
    Danielle JACOBSON – Academics & Science EXPO
    Andrea COLOMBO - Academics

Academic Honours:

Achieving over 80% in the JUNE and SEPTEMBER exams;
Gush Dux Trophy and the George Hedges Award;

for the Matric Pupil who Gained the Highest Marks in the June and September Examinations:

    Andrea COLOMBO
1976 Matric Trophy;
for Scholastic and Sporting Achievement:

    Miguel INOCENTES   

New Trophy:

2013 Matric Trophy;

for Scholastic and Culture Achievement:

    Andrea COLOMBO
Richard Stuttaford Trophy;

for the Best All-Rounder:

    Asongezwa SITWEBILE

Envoy Merit Trophy;
for Outstanding Contribution to School Life:

    Mvelisi MVANDABA
1989 Matric Trophy;
for Outstanding Leadership:

    Robin TAYLOR
Broll Interhouse Trophy;
for the Winning House:

    Red House

Sacks Trophy;
for Deputy Head Prefect:

    Benji RESNICK

Klerck Trophy;
for Deputy Head Prefect:

    Andrea COLOMBO

Principals Trophy;
for Head Prefect:

    Robin TAYLOR

Camps Bay High Shool salutes these learners for their magnificent achievements!

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