Sunday, June 30, 2013

CBHS Lions Head Walk - Jun '13

During the recent June holidays a group of Interact pupils from Camps Bay High School entertained a number of James House boys and girls by taking them for a walk up Lion's Head.

To see more Photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School Photo Site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Friday, June 21, 2013

CBHS Newsletter 7 - June 2013

Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to be able to report that we are 99% ready to start building our new classrooms. Over the last few years we have steadily increased our enrolment. We now have 685 children at the school. This has meant an increase in the number of teachers, and so a need for more classrooms. The Governors started planning and saving for this last year. We learned last week that the WCED has approved the building project, so we will start building in the school holidays. You may already have noticed the first step which is dismantling the old prefab classroom at the entrance to the school to allow space for building material to be stored.

The building will be erected in the current Matric Quadrangle, and will take the form of a two-storey structure. The ground floor will be a large open-plan venue that will be used as a Drama Studio. On the first floor we will build two classrooms at the same level as the current first floor in the school. The top corridor will be extended to run into the new classrooms. As part of this development we will also gain two offices which will allow us in the long-term to do some re-allocation of venues in the school. When this happens we will be able to move the Clothing Shop from its current location to opposite the Tuckshop.

We are always excited about our pupils’ achievements. However, today we are focussing on an award to one of our teachers, Dean Cottle and an opportunity for another, Adeline Radloff.

At our Clifton Surf Annual Awards Function on Saturday night, Dean Cottle was awarded a very special award by Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club and our new partner DHL. For service, dedication and commitment over the many years he has been a member of Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club, Dean will be going to Australia for 10 days fully sponsored by DHL, to spend time with and learn from Lifesaving Australia and bring back all the research to share with the various lifesaving clubs in the Western Province and other provinces where possible. He received a standing ovation and I thought it appropriate to advise you to share this with staff and learners.

Many thanks

Leigh Goldschmidt
(Chairman) Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club

Adeline Radloff is a part-time English teacher at Camps Bay High School. She is one of four finalists for the Jan Rabie Rapport Literary prize. This is a prestigious award and it is a great achievement to be in the finals. We wish her all the best!


Camps Bay High School prides itself in developing pupils who can think for themselves. We don’t want sheep; we want leaders, pupils who are going to stand up for what is right and not be silent in the face of injustice. While we are learning to do this at school we need a protocol for appealing against a perceived wrong decision by a teacher. So let me take you through the way we want pupils to appeal by telling a story:
Young Cedric is playing soccer at break on the field, and when he takes a great free kick, the sole of his shoe comes loose. He uses some sticky tape to keep it together and goes home. He asks his Dad to fix it, and his Dad agrees and takes the shoe. The next morning when he dresses for school, his parents have left for work, and the shoe is not repaired. He calls his Dad who says he is sorry but he had no glue at home and will buy it today. So Cedric is off to school in his takkies, with no note.

In register, he is given a demerit for having the incorrect shoes. The Tutor teacher has a number of demerits to issue in the short register period and has no time to listen to his explanation. So he can now appeal to the Tutor when they have a quiet moment. He goes to his Tutor at the start of break to tell his story. The Tutor listens, but says he still does not have the correct shoes so the demerit stands. Next Cedric appeals to his Grade Head. He sees her at break and explains his story. The Grade Head says he has a history of uniform defaults and she is not prepared to change the demerit.

Cedric is still unhappy and so he appeals to the next person up, namely the Heads of Discipline, Mr Jenneke and Mrs Cronje. They listen, but have heard it all before, and so the demerit stands. Cedric then makes has last appeal to Mr Mostert (Deputy Principal) or Mr de Korte (Principal). After listening to Cedric's story, Mr Mostert agrees that the demerit stands. So finally Cedric has exhausted his appeals at school; having followed the correct order of working up the hierarchy.

Cedric goes home and tells his sad story to his Dad. Dad wants to set the record straight, he can:
•    Write a note in the Homework diary to the Tutor
•    Send a note to school
•    Send an e-mail to the Tutor
•    Phone the school

The best way of communicating is via e-mail and can be sent to the address on the website. This will come into the school system and be directed to the correct person.

Any demerit that has been unfairly given can always be reversed after the fact. In reality someone in this story should have said to Cedric, the demerit stands until I get a letter confirming your story from your Dad.

The only time that this protocol should not be followed is in an emergency. If there is something that has happened that is urgent or life-threatening, then it needs to be brought to a senior staff members’ attention, including myself - immediately.

Only if all else fails should you need to come into the school and address the matter directly with me.

In the end if you feel that no staff member on campus is prepared to hear your side of the story, you should approach a member of the School Governing Body (SGB) who will raise your particular concern at the next Governors meeting.

I hope this helps you to know what you can do next time you hear of some alleged miscarriage of justice at school.





BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! Camps Bay High School has been offered the kind opportunity to sell tickets for the Jive Funny Festival. This year the school will be raising funds for contemporary books for the Library. Please note that for each ticket sold, R60 will go to Camps Bay High School to purchase new books. Details are as follows:

When:     12 June 2013
Where:    The Baxter Theatre
Price:       R150-00 per ticket
Contact Simone Segall ( or Michele Harvey ( to book your tickets


Any child who is interested in changing themselves to become a better person, is invited to a workshop on SELF- AWARENESS and SELF-REMEMBERING. They will learn how to become aware of who they are, how to think, feel and say things without hurting other children and they will also learn how others react when they say or do these things. They learn how to change and start to think out of the box.
Just remember. IT IS YOUR CHOICE! DO YOU WANT TO BETTER YOURSELF! This decision can influence the rest of your life. Only children who are REALY interested to change, will be accepted in this workshop.

WHERE: 1 NAUTICA, 300 Kloof Rd. Camps Bay. (Next to the Camps Bay High)
WHEN: During the School holidays (depends on number of children as well as availability. (Tuesdays and/or Thursday mornings)
COST: By donation only (minimum R30-00)
WHAT TO BRING: A bottle of water, pen and writing pad, and yourself.

If the message appeals to you give me a call: (cellphone: 082-4673646) or e-mail (


Art Therapy is a treatment process involving the use of different art materials whereby a person can express and explore thoughts and feelings in a safe and creative manner.
Beneficial for children, teens and adults. No art experience is required. Individual and group sessions available. Fees are claimable from most medical aids.

Contact Samantha Davis on 083-326-6655 or e-mail:
Please note that all Art Therapy courses are modified to be run in-house for groups and teams. Info available upon request.



Please contact Karen Judge on 021-438-1611 or 082-468-6044

Private Tuition in English and Afrikaans
Please contact Anne Townsend on 021-461-9968 or 072-390-3842 or

Professional Maintenance and Services
All those little things you just don’t have time to do!
Free quotes and guaranteed workmanship. Please call: Charles on 021-674-1763 or 082-468-4198 or
Howard on 072-600-9575

Phuket Restaurant
We do Thai and sushi, and have a special at the moment: 24 piece sushi for R129-00.
Shop 205, Promenade Building, Victoria Road, Camps Bay. Tel: 021-437-1617

Studio D’Arte – Music and Drama
Piano, violin, guitar, singing etc – ALL ages welcome.
Please call 079-846-2079 for more info or e-mail

Vanessa’s Party Emporium
We are a small party shop based in Sea Point. We cater for all your party needs. We specialize in a wide variety of themes for parties. Our main focus is on costume hire for adults and kids. We have a selection of party accessories for any occasion, hats, wigs, and exquisite masks, as well as a wide selection of foil and latex balloons. Our helium balloons will make all your party stress float away.
Trading hours:
Mon-Fri:    9:30-17:30
Sat:            9:00-15:00
Closed Public Holidays
Contact us:

Substance Abuse Counsellor. Hout Bay.
Beverley Sheer (SACAP. Dip. Psych / Couns Comm) Offering screening (assessment of use, misuse or abuse of substances). Individual treatment plans. Brief Intervention/ Harm minimisation. Family Counselling. Motivational Therapy. Relapse Prevention.
Private. Confidential. Caring.
Telephone: 082-963-9378

Four Seasons Covers
Need to protect your outdoor furniture. Custom-made
covers to protect against the elements of wind, rain, dust & rust.
Contact Gina on 074-143-9330 for an obligation-free quote and measure up.

Afrikaans Tutor
Qualified teacher (BEd Hons) available for Afrikaans Tutoring of High School students.
Please contact: Philip Pretorius at or

Nutritional dog food
NO colourants, chemicals!! Priced from R30-00 (2 kg) to R250-00 (25 kg)
FREE delivery to your doorstep. Any dog can eat it-young or old!
Call Anton/Norma 078-560-1963

Horse riding lessons available in Hout Bay
Small private yard offering lovely horses, private lessons or small groups. Children and adults; beginner to advanced. Leasing, out rides and lessons on your own horse also available. Contact Jo for more info: 083-570-8770 or e-mail:

Private lessons @ your home
Beginner to advanced, classical, contemporary, theory, etc.

River frontage - 6 sleeper (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms + sleeper couch in lounge)
Available from 6th - 13th July 2013
R15000-00 for the week
CONTACT: Kathy on 082-559-6763