Monday, September 26, 2011

CBHS Pupils Assist With Clean Up - Sept '11

As part of a Camps Bay High School's community service project, a number of pupils are assisting community members of Camps Bay in cleaning up areas in and around Camps Bay.

Above: Community members and pupils about to leave Camps Bay High
to clean up the area just below the school.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

CBHS Hosts Italian Exchange Students - Sept '11

The pupils and staff of Camps Bay High School are hosting a group of 27 pupils and 2 teachers from Venice-Mestre as part of an exchange programme. Camps Bay pupils and teachers visited Venice-Mestre in March this year and it is now their turn to show their former hosts the sights in and around Cape Town.

(pic) group

Above: This photo of the visiting Italians was taken during the welcoming assembly on Monday, 12 September 2011

(pic band)

Above: The visiting Italians were entertained by Camps Bay High School's Marimba Band

Photographs by Kiri Roussopoulos.

You can view photos of the CBHS pupils' visit to Italy ‹‹here››

Friday, September 16, 2011

CBHS Newsletter 9 - Sept '11

Dear Parents

Justin Bonello, star of the international travel show ‘Cooked' and past pupil of Camps Bay High School addressed the school last week on the topic ‘The Great Food Hoodwink’. Justin challenged us to ask questions about where our food comes from, how it is produced and what goes into it. His presentation was illustrated with a number of video clips taken at a cattle feed lot in Namibia and a battery chicken farm in Cape Town. He challenges each pupil to become a food activist that demands healthy food from our retail outlets. If you want to read more, the following websites are worth visiting:

We were thoroughly entertained by Ms Kawalsky’s staging of the Pieter Dirk Uys play ‘Karnaval’. The play was predominantly in Afrikaans, and our actors did an excellent job of mastering the dialogue. Both evenings were very entertaining, with lots of humour, lightening the more serious message of the play. Well done to the cast on an excellent performance.

Above: The cast of the play, from left - Alex McGregor, Luyanda du Plessis, Kelsey Brown, Cherisse Morris, Georgia Brisco, Andrea Colombo and Mark Bright.

As preparation for the Science Expo, we held our own internal ‘expo’ where the Grade 11 Science students were able to display their projects. Judging was done and the top five projects progressed to the next level, namely as our schools entrants in the Science Expo. In the end we won one silver medal which went to the group of Grade 11 students: Nicholas Ncgobo and Xolani Jelemsi.

We held our first Derby against Groote Schuur on Saturday 27th August 2011. A large number of pupils (235) travelled to Groote Schuur and spent a good morning competing against their teams. Of the 18 matches we played, we won 9, lost 5 and drew 4. Sadly the first team rugby game ended with a Groote Schuur player struggling to manage his anger. This led to a scuffle which was a sad way to end a great day.

The past pupils returned to their old school in droves on Saturday 3rd September. Seven matches were played in the winter codes of girls soccer, boys soccer, girls and boys hockey, netball and two rugby matches. The old boys' rugby side had weight and experience on their side. This proved more than the fitness and enthusiasm that our players brought to the field. Many past pupils remarked on how nice it was to see the photos up in the corridors again. After the match we invited our past pupils for snacks, a drink and a chance to socialize on the balcony.

LUKE van der SPUY as 'THE JOKER'
Luke van der Spuy (17) in Grade 11 at Camps Bay High, won the Intermediate Own Choice Monologue Section at the Theatre Dance Association (TDA) Eistedffod of the Performing Arts (Drama) on Tuesday evening, held at the Sea Point Civic Centre. Luke was coached for this role by Della Schneider and did a short scene as the ‘Joker ‘ that was inspired by Heath Ledger’s same role in Batman. The judges for the Drama sections were Christopher Weare, Irma Kesler and Tara-Louise Notcutt. Luke was an outright winner so he performed at the Finals as part of the showcase of winners.
Above: Luke van der Spuy as the 'Joker'

Your statements for school fees will be posted this week. Please take note of an attachment which asks you to please make use of EFT’s when paying school fees, fees for outings and camps etc. Unfortunately, the handling of cash is not only risky for both you and the school, but also extremely expensive for us in bank fees. Also, please use your correct reference number.
August is also that sad month when we are left with no choice but to hand over accounts which are overdue, where parents have made no effort to either ask for financial assistance, or have asked, had fees reduced and still done nothing about payments. Several written warnings were sent out, so if you are in this position, please pay now.

Here is an account of the Grade 10 Adventure Camp, by Veli Mvandaba:
After a rather quick bus ride, we arrived at our destination – Mizpah, Grabouw. Immediately we were told to organize ourselves and get ready for the day’s events. We were divided into groups and were given equipment to design a logo and group name as well as write and perform a war cry for later that evening. Some groups fell into the task quite easily and worked almost mechanically, whilst groups like K.K.K (Kool Kids Klan) had trouble with Bomkazis’ need to break out in dance (the group didn’t fare well later that evening as they forgot their own name whilst performing their war cry).
Having stayed up till late, we were told to get a good night’s rest as the following day was going to start early and a rigorous programme had been planned. It consisted of “The Amazing Race”. Each group was given clues to complete various activities. They entailed two hour long hikes into the mountain; meditations with Mr. Baker; body sculpting with Mr. O’Reilly and some more ‘interesting’ tasks. All the while we had to find Mrs Cronje who held all the clues and was a ringmaster of sought. Finally after ten hours of action, we were done for the day. We had been saved by hail, which rescued us from another hike with the teachers! Finally we were allowed to chill. For some of the girls, posing in front of Veli’s camera was a perfect idea. On the final day we were told to clean up and all dorms were inspected till they were in pristine condition. Other than two of the windows that broke in Giovanni’s dorm, everything went well. Even after the disco we had the night before (which saw girls like Daneeka vogue whilst some of the boys tried their luck at some never before seen break-dancing moves).

Veli Mvandaba

We had an enjoyable contest at Witsand on Friday against Fish Hoek, Reddam and SACS. We are still waiting for the results but Luke Kitchen scored the highest wave on the day being 9/10. Brode Gleeson and Luke Kitchin have been placed in the U15 Western province Bodyboarding team. Well done to them!
Top and second from top above: Luke Kitchin
Above: Brode Gleeson



7th September:
Italian exchange students arrive
8th September:
Mock Matric starts
9/10 September:
Grade 11 Fashion Show
R30 – ALL welcome
14 September:
Grade 9 Subject Choice evening.
Pupils & parents to attend from 17:00 – 18:00 (5 pm – 6 pm)

AN APPEAL: Camps Bay Community Medics:
This worthy group is presently trying to kit out their base and aim to have their official launch in the first week of September. They have asked the community to assist with donations to help them to set up the base.

Their wish list for the base is the following: (Second-hand items are welcome):

Cleaning materials & tools:
 2 x Dusta Busters;
 A bucket;
 A mop;
 A broom;
 A hand brush and dustpan;
 A long-handled window squeezie;

 Hanging cutlery & rack;
 Glasses (tumblers);

 2 x pillows;
 2 x blankets;
 4 x fitted sheets;
 duvet covers
 duvet inners;

 A kettle;
 A microwave oven;
 A toaster;
 A kettle;
 A snackwich toaster;
 A bar fridge;
 A TV set;
 A DVD player;
 A music system and speaker.

 A small couch;
 A small coffee table;
 A desk;
 A small kitchen cupboard unit;

 Venetian blinds;
 Carpet tiles;

For all enquiries, please contact Leigh Goldschmidt on

Please contact Karen Judge on
021-438-1611 or 082-468-6044
I am a qualified and experienced English/Afrikaans teacher and previously I taught in Cape Town at Boston and Rosebank House Colleges, SACS and Queen's Park High School. Fourteen years on the international circuit followed and I am now based in Cape Town as a freelance writer, editor and private tutor. My website has all my contact details. I am happy to teach all ages.


Private lessons with qualified teacher.
Phone: Tel:
021-790-2892; Cell: 084-803-7809
Just 70 mins from Cape Town.
Very modern holiday house, sleeps 8, fully equipped, 2x TV's and DSTV (bring own card), wrap around balcony and u/cover braai, use of 3 mountain bikes, u/cover parking. Walk to shops and restaurants.
R980-00 per day - Long weekends R1000-00. Please phone Tom on 028-271-5775 and quote
411OnPark or e-mail:
Are your current tenants vacating soon? Tired of the day to day hassles of dealing with tenants? We have up-market clientele with a constant demand for rental property on a long term basis.
For any queries, feel free to contact Vicki, our agent for the Atlantic Seaboard on
021-404-1363 or alternatively on 072-742-9863
Please contact Tyler Chauncey if you need any electrical work done:
082-416-0674 or e-mail:
For more information:
Breville Expresso machine, in perfect condition. Makes 1 or 2 cups of delicious expresso, has a steam spout and milk frother. Price: R1600.00. Call
021-438-1507 (Susie)BOARDING FOR 2012:
Tabile is 13 years old, one of twins, whose mother Ari works for my daughter as a maid/child career. Tabile is a very serious, quiet boy, tidy around the house and has a strong Christian faith. He has been selected by the Allan Grey Orbis Foundation as one of their scholarship students and a place has been made available for him to attend Camps Bay High School. Because of the distance he would have to travel each day to get to school, we wondered whether there is a family with whom he could board during the week. He would be a blessing to any family that would welcome him. References: Gay French, cell:
Hildegarde van der Merwe Camps Bay Prep School
My name is Sean Robson and I am a qualified and experienced freelance journalist with an honours degree offering extra-tuition in English, Afrikaans and History. I would be very grateful if you would keep my details on record and make available to your students the attached flyer which contains all of my details.
Sean Robson
+27-79-574-0346 079-574-0346

CENSUS 2011 (10 - 31 October 2011)

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA is looking for people who are prepared to work (in paid positions) in Camps Bay for the month of October, in the forthcoming Census.
Training will commence on 22nd September. Call Juliet Canales (from Camps Bay) on 072-215-6228 for further information.

Statistics South Africa's website:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CBHS Prefects Appear on SABC TV!- sept '11

Ms Mia Martens and the Camps Bay High School prefects were invited by Hecticn9 (a TV programme on SABC2) to give a short talk about Grade 12 matric exam stress, the difficulties that lie ahead and useful tips for surviving the next couple of months. The Prefects were Sonwabile Landu, Christine Smith and Head Prefect Taylor Jackson. They proved to be true ambassadors for the school during the show, which was screened live.

Above: A scene from the SABC2 television programme

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CBHS Hosts Italian Exchange Students - Sept '11

The pupils and staff of Camps Bay High School are hosting a group of 27 pupils and 2 teachers from Venice-Mestre as part of an exchange programme. Camps Bay pupils and teachers visited Venice-Mestre in March this year and it is now their turn to show their former hosts the sights in and around Cape Town.

Above: This photo of the visiting Italians was taken during the welcoming assembly on Monday, 12 September 2011

Above: The visiting Italians were entertained by Camps Bay High School's Marimba Band

Above four photos: The parents and students

Photographs by Kiri Roussopoulos.

You can see more photos of the visiting Italian students and their assembly at Camps Bay High School ‹‹here››

You can view photos of the CBHS pupils' visit to Italy ‹‹here››

Sunday, September 11, 2011

CBHS Grade 11 Fashion Show - Sept '11

Camps Bay High School held their annual Grade 11 Fashion Show on 9 & 10 September 2011. The overall theme was "Sublime" with different groups of learners strutting around in individually-themed clothing.

You can view more of the photos of the Fashion Show on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr here

Photos by Kiri Roussopoulos.

Above, from left: Fatima Mohamed, James Carney and Tegan Ackermann

Above: Danielle van Duyn in a scene from "Grease"

Above: A group of pupils at the end of an entertaining evening

Friday, September 9, 2011

CBHS Stages "Karnaval", a Play by Dieter-Dirk Uys - Sept '11

As its annual drama production, Camps Bay High School Drama Department recently staged "Karnaval", a play by Pieter Dirk Uys. The setting is New Year's Eve of 1975 in Long Street, Cape Town and the play is filled with laughter, tears and hope.

You can see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay photo site on Flickr here

Above: The cast of "Karnaval" from left : Alex McGregor, Luyanda du Plessis,
Kelsey Brown, Cherisse Morris, Georgia Brisco, Andrea Colombo and Mark Bright.
Above: From left - Andrea Colombo and Kelsey Brown in deep conversation

Monday, September 5, 2011

CBHS Scientists at ESKOM National Expo - 25 Aug '11

Pictured above with Mr Louis Mostert (CBHS Deputy Principal), Grade 11 pupils Xolani Jelemsi and Nicholas Ncgobo, both of Camps Bay High School, were selected to represent their city at the Eskom National Expo for Young Scientists to be held in Johannesburg in October. They received a Gold medal at the Cape Town Regional Expo held on the 25 August 2011.

Their project was a device they designed to save energy by turning off, with the simple click of a button, our appliances and electronic devices that we often leave on standby.

Photo by Kiri Roussopoulos.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

CBHS Past Pupils Sports Day - 3 Sept '11

A morning of fun was enjoyed by past pupils of the Camps Bay Schools, when they were invited back for a Past Pupils Sports Day on Saturday, 3 September 2011. Rugby, soccer, netball and hockey matches were played and the event concluded with refreshments served on the balcony.

Photographs by Kiri Roussopoulos.

Above: The past pupil girls soccer team before their match

Above: The spectators enjoyed an exciting rugby match!