Sunday, November 25, 2012

CBHS Reunions for 1982, 1992 & 2002 - 24 Nov '12

On Saturday, 24 November 2012, the Camps Bay High School Matrics of 1982, 1992 and 2002 were all reunited back at their "old" school to reminisce about their school days.

A fun-filled evening was enjoyed by former and current teachers and the former pupils.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

CBHS Waterpolo Clinic - 16 Nov '12

On Friday, 16 November 2012, Mr Dean Cottle (the teacher in charge of Camps Bay High School's Waterpolo activities) organised a clinic for the Grades Six and Seven pupils from Camps Bay Primary School. The afternoon included swimming training, teaching the pupils the basics of Waterpolo and the rules. The afternoon ended with a braai.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School's photo site on Flickr, click here.

Friday, November 16, 2012

CBHS Achievers of 2012 - Nov '12

Camps Bay High School is justifiably proud of its achievers in the Academic, Cultural and Sporting fields. Here are some of this year's excellent students:

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Friday, November 9, 2012

CBHS Head Prefect's Valedictory Speech - 9 Nov '12

Left: Matt Harvey, outgoing Head Prefect at Camps Bay High School delivers his valedictory speech at the Assembly.

Remembering our first steps through the school corridors, wearing our school uniforms with pride, putting the school badge on our chests will evoke feelings and emotions of courage, passion and bravery no obstacle could withstand. We, united under one banner, all fought for a common goal, a goal of perfection.

We as a Grade have had a common understanding, a belief, a happiness of what it means to be a family. We are all different, we all speak different languages, we all have different beliefs, but our hearts beat as one. Through this year, you the Matrics have given your all wherever and whenever it was needed the most.

Words cannot truly describe the essence of what you are, you are the kind of people who put service before self, and have lifted each other high, high on our own shoulder to new levels. Today we stand together, today we stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder ready to take the new leap into the unknown.

This year would not have been possible if it were not for three very special teachers:

Mr Tucker, you sir are a one of a kind. A gentleman, strict, firm and by-the-book, but always willing and ready to crack a joke. Your leadership and inspiration this year is an unrivalled testament to your dedication not only to Camps Bay High School but also to the students within.

To Mr Cottle, Sir, it has been an honour and a privilege to have had you as a perfect teacher, your ability to listen to all that we had to say and guide us through a very tough year; Sir - to you the Matrics owe so much. It is with our words that we say thank you because in time gifts will fade but words are eternal and the feeling and “gees” that you have brought to this year is second-to-none. Today we thank you because no one truly understands the hard work you really do.

To Miss Mobsby, Ma’am, I have struggled to find the right words that describe who you really are as a person, your beautiful, fun-loving self is what brought our Grade together. Your ability to see a frown and turn it upside down is amazing. Ma’am, today our Grade is a family, but in every family there has to be a mother, to serve and protect her children, to comfort and hold us when we have fallen, to cherish our success and help us build from our failures, from the Matric 2012 body, I thank you for being our mother.

There are words today that I have been dreading for a while, these words are good-bye, who knew the day would come when our days at school were over. There is no more Sport after school, no cultural slots to go to, no Assemblies, breaks, plays and extra lessons, we have to say goodbye today to many things, teachers and pupils but most of all we have to say goodbye to friends.

Through The Years

You helped me laugh
You dried my tears
Because of you I have no fears
Together we live
Together we grow
Teaching each other what we must know
You came in my life and I was blessed
I love you, friend
You are the best
Release my hand and say good-bye
Please, my friend, don't you cry
I promise you this is not the end
'cause like I said you're my friend.

Matrics finally I want to say: wherever the road may take you, wherever our feet may stray, take the road less-travelled. Learn, live and love for life is too short to do anything else, but always remember where you come from, remember what we have achieved, remember the friends, brothers and sisters sitting next to you today, but above all - remember the school beside the foam.

Matthew Harvey
Outgoing Head Prefect

CBHS Prefects' Assembly - 9 Nov '12

The newly-elected 2013 prefects of Camps Bay High School hosted their first Assembly on Friday, 9 November 2012. They introduced the heads of various portfolios and added an element of fun to the Assembly.

To see more photos of this event, on the Camps Bay High School's photo site on Flickr, click here.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

CBHS Biology Pupils Win Diamond Award - 3 Nov '12

On, Saturday 3 November 2012, two Grade 11 pupils of Camps Bay High School - Mikaela Liltved and Ankia Visser - both received a Young Biologist "Diamond Award" certificate, having achieved over 90%.  The course took nine months with over 45 hours of weekend service given at the Cape Town Aquarium.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School's photo site on Flickr, click here.