Monday, January 30, 2012

CBHS Grade 8 Camp - Jan '12

The Grade 8 Camp took place from Friday to Sunday, 27 - 29 January 2012 at a venue just outside Wellington. A great weekend was enjoyed by the new Grade 8's, staff and the prefects.

To see all the photos (more than 300!) of this event on the Camps Bay High School Flickr photo site, please click here.

Above: Lots of outdoor team-building activities took place...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CBHS New Parents Meeting - 25 Jan '12

On 25th January 2012, parents and families of new pupils were invited to attend a meeting at Camps Bay High School. Included were discussions on academic matters, discipline and cultural and sporting extra-mural activities.

To see more photographs of the event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, please click here.

Above: Parents and families attend the New Parents Meeting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CBHS Tests & Assignments Calendars - 1st Term '12

The Tests & Assignments Calendars for the First Term of 2012 are now available.

Grade 8 Tests and Assignments Calendar - Term 1 of 2012:
To download the original file from Google Docs, please click here.

Grade 9 Tests and Assignments Calendar - Term 1 of 2012:
To download the original file from Google Docs, please click here.

Grade 10 Tests and Assignments Calendar - Term 1 of 2012:
To download the original file from Google Docs, please click here.

Grade 11 Tests and Assignments Calendar - Term 1 of 2012:
To download the original file from Google Docs, please click here.

Grade 12 Tests and Assignments Calendar - Term 1 of 2012:
To download the original file from Google Docs, please click here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

CBHS Blood Donation Initiative - 19 Jan '12

On 19th January 2012, A Blood Donation initiative was held at Camps Bay High School, which was well supported by the staff and pupils of the school.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, please click here.

Above: Ouch!! (Actually, it wasn't that bad...)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CBHS Matrics Are Honoured - Jan '12

On Monday, 16 January 2012, all the Matrics at Camps Bay High School, who had achieved an aggregate of 75% and above in the final exams last year, were invited back to the school for an Academic Assembly, followed by a special tea for pupils, staff and parents.

To see the complete set of photos taken at the event, please click here.

Above: Mr Louis Mostert, the Deputy Principal welcomes all present.

Above: Past pupils enjoy a moment with one of their teachers.Back: Taylor Jackson, Anthony Cook, Conrad Komorowicz;Front: Adam Karp, Ms Janet Thomson and Nicholas Andrews.

Above: The Academic Assembly was followed by a special tea in the Seminar Room.

Photos by Kiri Roussopoulos.

Monday, January 16, 2012

CBHS Summer Sports Extramural Programme - 1st term '12

Here is the Summer Sports extra-mural programme for the First Term of 2012 at Camps Bay High School. To view the original PDF file on Google Docs, please click here.

CBHS Sports Fixtures Calendar - 1st Term '12

Here is the Sports Fixtures list for the First Term of 2012. Changes may take place and notifications of such will be sent out timeously. To view the original PDF file of this document, please click here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

CBHS Newsletter 1 - Jan '12

Dear Parents

Welcome back to the start of 2012 at Camps Bay High School. The year started with the announcement of the 2011 Matric results. I am sure some of you read the article in the weekend Argus written by Prof Jonathan Jansen where he commented on the ‘celebration at the national pass rate of 70%’. He noted that, of the over 1 million children who started Grade 1 in 2000, only 48% made it to write the Matric exams. He posed the question: "What has happened to the over ½ a million children who have ‘dropped out’ of the system?"

At Camps Bay, we had 102 Matric pupils in 2011. Sadly, one pupil was not resulted as she had missed two exams when she was sick. Of the 101 pupils remaining we had just two failures. We had a group of pupils at risk who were identified after the June exam. The teachers had been giving these pupils extra lessons and all of them managed to pass. The two who failed came as a surprise to us. They have both been granted supplementary exams and we hope that they are successful. So we enjoyed a 98% pass rate, with 12 pupils getting an ‘A’ aggregate. There were 29 pupils who got above 70% (this is 29% of the pupils who wrote). We commend these top achievers and include their names below for your interest. 77% of our pupils passed with a Bachelors pass allowing them to go to University.

Ruben de Girardier: 87.29%
Imran Mazema: 87.29%
Nicholas Rous: 85.71%
Alex McGregor: 85.43%
Anthony Cook: 85.29%
Esti Robbertze: 83.43%
Georgia Brisco: 83.29%
Tim Schumann: 83.29%
Jerome Tangocci: 83.00%
Adam Karp: 81.86%
Cherisse Morris: 81.57%
Jenna Ashcroft: 80.71%

Parents and Teachers Join Hands
The Head of Education in the Western Cape, Ms Penny Vinjevold, has asked parents to join with teachers in ensuring the educational success of our children.

She has asked parents to help by ensuring that children:
· Attend school every day for the 200 days of the school year;
· Arrive at school before the school timetable begins and do not leave before the end of the school day. Late arrivals disrupt teaching and learning;
· Read, study and care for textbooks, and return them at the end of the year;
· Read, write and calculate every school day. Check your children’s exercise books and workbooks regularly to support their efforts and progress;
· Do homework every school day;
· Discuss with you their academic progress so that you can provide support and encouragement.

Camps Bay High should provide you with a Programme of Assessment for each subject at the beginning of the year and a formal Progress Report at the end of each quarter.

The First Term calendar is included below for your attention. Please click here for the PDF version on Google Docs

New Teachers

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the following new teachers to Camps Bay High School:
Alexander Mols (Biology)
Nicola Pearson (English)
Jean-Marie Janse van Vuuren (Mathematics)
Ashleigh Holloway (English)
Dominique Garde (Maths)
Chantal Olivier (Afrikaans/English)
Edwin van der Heever (Afrikaans)

We also welcome Maren Hornberg who is a student teacher from Germany.

We have 2 teachers who taught in 2011 but ‘officially’ start this term.
They are:
Peter Grobler (History/English)
Charm Hector (Head: Biology)

The staff have spent the last few days finalising their preparations for today. We have been looking forward to the start of 2012 and have done all the preparation we can. We expect an increase in the number of pupils this year, from 650 to approximately 680 pupils. We will know the final enrolment figures next week as some pupils are still returning from holiday.

School Fees
The school fees for this year are R22 150.00 per child. According to the SA Schools Act, this amount is due and payable in advance, but, to ease the burden, we accept regular monthly payments of R2215.00 from February to November.

Payments can be made via EFT, Credit Card, or Debit Card (forms are available from Mrs Denning, the School Bursar). Please use your family number as beneficiary reference to enable me to allocate your payments correctly.
If you need to apply for financial assistance, please do so as soon as possible. Forms for this purpose are also available from Mrs Denning.

Our bank details are:
Bank: First National Bank, Sea Point Branch
Branch Code: 201809
Account Number: 502 403 434 63

Please call Mrs Denning if you wish to discuss any school fee related matters; I shall gladly assist you.

Dropping and Fetching Children From School by Car
As our pupils, enter and leave the school using the driveway in front of the building, the school may not be accessed by car from 07h30 to 08h00 and again from 14h30 to 15h00. In the mornings there are prefects at the motor gate who will direct you to the top and bottom ‘stop and drop’ tarred areas below and above the school.

I wish you and your child every success for the year ahead.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CBHS Events Calendar - 1st Term '12

The events calendar for the First Term of 2012 at Camps Bay High School is extracted below. Please click ‹‹here›› to download a PDF of the 2012 First Term Events Calendar.

Friday, January 6, 2012

CBHS Matric Results - 5 Jan '12

There was great excitement at Camps Bay High School at 12h00 on Thursday, 5th January 2012, when the 2011 Matriculants received their exam results.

To see more photos of the event on Flickr, please click here

Here are our top students:

Here are the exam results for the Matric Class of 2011 at Camps Bay High School:

BACHELORS (University Entrance):
Abaroa, Gaizka
Abramson, Davin
Adams, Laeeq
Adams, Liam
Arlotti, Fabienne
Beukes, Allissandro
Boswell, Tanita
Bowmaker-Falconer, Kezia
Britz, Julian
Brown, Saschin
Clempitt, Sharmone
Cotton, Matthew
Cozyn, Nishaat
Daniels, Thaufir
Dante, Waseem
Davids, Whadeela
De Vries, Cara
Do Rosario, Nelita
Du Preez, Jade
Du Toit, Jonathan
Ebrahim, Zaheer
Emeran, Mumtaaz
Fredericks, Chad
Glass, Madison
Glossop, Lameez
Greyvensteyn, Alice
Hopcraft, Deen
Horn, Kyle
Howell, Shannon
Janson, Pumelina
Jones, Christopher
Kay, Rachel
Keyne, Vinolia
Komorowicz, Konrad
Landu, Sonele
Landu, Sonwabile
Levin, Bianca
Malan, Jean
Mama, Sive
Matoti, Simbulele
McKellar, Kyra
Melane, Lwando
Meyer, Alexander
Monnig, Reiner
Mqoqi, Jeremy
Mthekeli, Ayanda
Mungai, Kinyanjui
Nakedi, Nathane
Oyugi, Cindy
Peinke, Greg
Pereira, Prisca
Puglia, Carmelo
Ross, Chelsy
Sass, Marcus
Serrao, Rio
Shenker, Cameron
Sigcu, Nikiwe
Smith, Christine
Tangocci, Devon
Thys, Beverley
Tugwell, Robin

Cassiem, Junaid
Du Plessis, Luyanda
Fani, Lorraine
Feltman, Chad
Fyfe, Cavan
Jacobs, Roslyn
Mbhele, Thenjiwe
Mdladlana, Luthando
Nyoka, Lungile
Petersen, Travis
Qomiyana, Nelisa
Rawusana, Sibahle
Sikenjana, Jeffrey
Sikoliwe, Lwando
Sono, Wonga
Trout, Alex
Tshionza, Marie
Van Acker, Sheldon
Wyngaard, Carryn

Meyer, Celine
Van Heerden, Andrea

CBHS Celebrates 2011 Matric Results - Jan '12

There was great excitement at Camps Bay High School on Thursday, 5 January 2012, when the 2011 Matric results were released at 12h00.

Camps Bay High School is proud of their 2011 Matriculants:
12 A-Aggregates and 17 B-Aggregates were achieved.
77 Pupils achieved Bachelors (University Entrance) passes

Above: A group of Matrics celebrating their results

Above: Jenna Ashcroft and Alex McGregor were delighted with their results, as were Adam Karp and Tim Schumann (see below):

Above: Great anxiety as parents and pupils collect their results

Photographs by Kiri Roussopoulos