Friday, September 20, 2013

CBHS Newsletter 18 - Sept '13

Dear Parents

We have arrived at the end of the third term and the end of winter. The last two weeks of term have seen the Grade 10's go on an adventure camp at Elgin (see the CBHS blogspot article ‹‹here›› and the photos on Flickr ‹‹here››), and the Grade 9's on a river rafting camp at Swellendam. The Grade 11's are currently off campus doing their job shadow project.

Academic Progress:

We have reviewed the third term results and on balance are happy with the performance of the school. This is a non-exam term and so the results may be a little higher than the second term. We are concerned about a group in Grade 9 who need to improve their performance next term. However, we are extremely pleased with the majority of pupils who have applied themselves to their work this term and have achieved good overall results.

Dog Box Project:

A group of enthusiastic staff and pupils came to school on Saturday 14 September and took part in a dog kennel building project. The kennels were already pre-built and all we had to do was paint them. A lot of very creative and artistic dog kennels were decorated in the course of the morning. This project, run by Ms de Vries and the ACTA Club (Against Cruelty to Animals), started with each class raising money to purchase a dog kennel. In the end we raised enough money to purchase 14 dog kennels. Now that they have been ‘personalised’ by our art efforts, they will be donated to homes in poor areas where dogs are currently sleeping out in the open. A big thank you to all who contributed in some way to make this happen. (To see the CBHS blogspot article, click ‹‹here›› and the photos on Flickr are ‹‹here››).

Orange River Trip:

A group of Grade 11 pupils accompanied by three teachers will be travelling up to the Orange River in the holidays to do this relaxing river trip. We wish them a safe journey and stable boats on the river.

Fourth Term Calendar:

On the reverse side of (the printed version of) this newsletter is the Fourth Term Calendar. We have had to change some dates since the first draft of this calendar released in January.

Important Dates:

Celebration Assembly on 14 October 2013
(Prize Giving Evening)

Valedictory Assembly on 18 October 2013
(Farewell Assembly for Matrics)

New Holiday Dates for 2014 First and Second Terms:
Next year, the Easter holidays fall in the second term. When we looked at the calendar we saw that by adding four days to all the holidays we could create a holiday period all of 17 days long! A lot of Western Cape schools are considering making this change, and Westerford High has already adopted it. Our Governors have looked at the dates and decided that we too will make the change. So our school terms in 2014 will look like this:

First Term 2014:
15 January – 24 March: School Time
21 March – 24 March: Long Weekend
25 March – 17 April: School Time
(we will therefore work through the school holidays that fall on the 27 March – 6 April)
18 April – 4 May: Holiday (17 days)

Second Term 2014:
5 May – 27 June: School Time

This is a somewhat radical change to our timetable, and we will run school classes during the ‘official’ school holidays. Parents who have already booked for holidays in this time will be accommodated. We plan to issue first term reports before the long weekend. We will therefore start the second term work after the long weekend.

In the end we believe that this will allow us to best protect academic time.

A reminder that the fourth term at Camps Bay High School starts on the Tuesday 1 October 2013, on DAY 8.

I wish you all a good rest.

Yours sincerely


Camps Bay Schools Quiz:

Please diarise this date NOW! The three Camps Bay Schools will be holding the traditional Pub & Quiz Evening on Friday, 8 November 2013. Get your teams together - six members per team. Further details will be available at the beginning of the fourth term. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Community Medics:

Community Medics is a local citizens' initiative and is an important part of your neighbourhood and community. This volunteer group of qualified Emergency Medical Personnel strives to improve the quality of life within your community by responding to emergencies in your homes, schools, neighbourhoods and your community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Oudekraal, Bakoven, Camps Bay and Clifton areas, often providing life saving medical services in the shortest response time.

This organisation has evolved from the formerly-known Camps Bay Community Medics to Community Medics, as they now operate in the City Bowl area as well, thanks to sponsorship from ER24 for a response vehicle and daytime paramedic assistance during weekdays. Additional volunteer members assist with calls after hours or during weekends. Should their volunteers be unable to respond to any particular emergency, their 24-hour contact centre will immediately dispatch the next appropriate service so that no medical emergency is left unserviced. Please make sure you and your family members take note of the emergency number: 087-230-0404, which is valid for both areas. 

Please be aware that all call outs to assist you are on a volunteer basis, however financial contributions for assistance are very welcome and would be very much appreciated. Community Medics cannot operate or continue to be a citizen volunteer organisation without Community, Business, School and Citizen funding. Should you wish to donate to this very admirable cause, Community Medics banking details can be found on their website at, For more information or to assist in fundraising, please contact Barbara Tangocci on 087-231-0121 or via e-mail at:


Extra Science Lessons:
please contact Karen Judge on 021-438-1611 or 082-468-6044

Private Tuition in English & Afrikaans:

Please contact Anne Townsend on 021-461-9968 or 072-390-3842.

Studio D’Arte:
Music & Drama – piano, violin, guitar, singing etc – ALL ages welcome. Please call 079-846-2079 for more info or e-mail

Afrikaans Tuition:
Qualified teacher (BEd Hons) available for Afrikaans Tutoring of High School students.
Please contact: Philip Pretorius via e-mail at: or


Learning Style Program:
Grade Seven to Tertiary Level.
Individual profiling unique to each student.
Reduce exam stress - improve academic results.
Play to your strengths - learn how to learn.
Remember important information - focus!
Contact: 083-460-7816

Janet Dobie: Fashion Designer
Matric Dance:
I am a fashion designer working from St Johns Road, Sea Point and wanting to avail my services for the Matric Dance on the 19th August.
For a rough indication of price it would be R1750-00 excl. fabric and R2250-00 incl. Fabric @ R50-00 /metre.
My contact details: 021-433-0017 / 071-687-1072

Cape Luxury Stay:
We are the private accommodation specialists. We specialise in consistently finding that perfect fit for your up-market and super-luxurious property. At Cape Luxury Stay we do more than help you market your property – we assist with any enquiries and we will act (on your behalf) as a central reservationoffice. The Cape Luxury Stay website – and our existing relationships with influential members in the production industry and rental / tour agents – ensures that your well-appointed property gets the right kind of exposure.We pride ourselves on maximising your property’s occupancy through our high enquiry-to-booking turnover rate and, the personal touch we provide, by communicating (on your behalf) directly with the client.

Visit our website at Contact us via e-mail at: or via cellphone at: +27-83-319-7380 or locally via: 083-319-7380.

Wilderness Bush Camp:
If you are thinking of having a holiday in the Wilderness please check the following website. A little bit of heaven:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

CBHS Revised Date for Celebration - Oct '13

Please take note that the date for the annual Camps Bay High School Celebration Assembly will now be Monday, 14 October 2013.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CBHS Presidents Awards Visit to Robertson - Sept '13

As part of the Camps Bay High School President's Awards programme, a number of Grade Eleven's and Twelve's recently visited a school in Robertson. The purpose of this visit was to renovate that school and to donate clothing and toys to the community.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Monday, September 16, 2013

CBHS Dog Box Project - 15 Sept '13

Recently, many of the teachers and pupils at Camps Bay High School were involved in the Dog Box Project. Our school was delighted to be able to hand over 27 dog kennels towards this worthy initiative. Many pupils spent Saturday, 14 September 2013, building, painting and decorating these kennels.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

CBHS Interact Hands Clothing to the Hope Charity - 13 Sept '13

The Interact Society of Camps Bay High School recently collected bags and bags of clothing for The Hope Charity. On Friday, 13 September 2013, this clothing was handed over to this organisation at a special Assembly held at CBHS. The Hope Charity is an NGO, based at Tygerberg Hospital, which helps to clothe children and families who are hopitalised for lengthy periods of time.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Friday, September 13, 2013

CBHS Grade Ten Leadership Camp - 10-12 Sept '13

The Grade Tens at Camps Bay High School enjoyed a Leadership Camp at Grabouw, from Tuesday to Thursday 10 - 12 September 2013. The event was a team-building and leadership-development exercise, and although the weather was bitterly cold, the camp was greatly enjoyed by the Grade Ten Heads and pupils alike

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

There is a second set of photos on Flick ‹‹here››.

To see two videos shot at the event, click ‹‹here››. (Note: Each video is 50 or 60 Mb in size and will take time to download)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

CBHS Gr 11 Fashion Show - 6 & 7 Sept '13

The Camps Bay High School Grade Eleven class hosted the annual fashion show on Friday and Saturday, 6 and 7 September 2013. The theme of this years fashion show was "Reel to Real" and the audience was highly entertained by various scenes from movies and reality shows.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

CBHS Past Pupils Sports Day - 7 Sept '13

On Saturday, 7 September 2013, the annual Past Pupils Sports Day was held at Camps Bay High School. Soccer, hockey and rugby games were enjoyed by all who participated. After the sports events, all gathered in the Tuck Shop for refreshments and an afternoon of reminiscences.

For another report of this event (and the results!), on the Camps Bay High School Past Pupils Union blogspot, click ‹‹here››.

To see more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Friday, September 6, 2013

CBHS Clothing Shop Hours - Sept '13

Please take note that the Camps Bay High School's Clothing Shop, which is managed by Sally Preen, has changed its hours of operation.

The Clothing Shop will be open at these times:

Mondays:                07h30 - 13h00 (i.e. mornings)

Tuesdays:               12h00 - 16h00 (please note: afternoons)

Wednesdays:          07h30 - 13h00 (i.e. mornings)

Thursdays:              07h30 - 13h00 (i.e. mornings)

Fridays - Sundays:  Closed

For more information on the Clothing Shop, click ‹‹here››.

To download the latest (2013) Price List in PDF format, click ‹‹here››.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CBHS Matric Dance - Sept '13

The Camps Bay High School's annual Matric Dance was held recently at the historic Rotunda in Camps Bay. A team of teachers and parents transformed the venue into a fairytale setting. The Matrics and their teachers thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CBHS Revised Code of Conduct Published - 3 Sept '13

Following an intensive process of review and consultation, the Camps Bay High School's Code of Conduct document has been extensively revised by the School Governing Body. This very important document has now been published online. All parents are kindly requested to read it as it deals with matters concerning behaviour and disciplinary procedures at our school.

It can be downloaded as a PDF format file, either from the Camps Bay High School website (click on "Code of Conduct" in the Downloads section on any page of that website), or directly from ‹‹here›› [Please Note - this link has been temporarily suspended owing to further document review].