Friday, January 21, 2011

CBHS Newsletter 1 - Jan '11

Dear Parents

Welcome back to school, and the start of the 2011 academic year at Camps Bay High School. We have enjoyed a long holiday, and return rested and ready for work. The teachers have been at school preparing since the end of last week. There is a sense of readiness and expectancy. This year we have 3 big ideas we will be pursuing. These are:

1. Proudly Camps Bay (Growing school spirit)

2. Camps Bay goes Green
(Serving the World, starting at home)

3. Academic Focus
(Getting the small things right)

The schools motto is ‘Strive for the Highest’. We intend to explore this motto through getting each pupil to discover what their best effort is, and to consistently give this kind of effort. It is a real challenge to push yourself to find out what your best is.

Matric Results 2010
We were very excited on the 6th January when our Matrics collected their results at school. We had a 99,2% pass rate, which we hope will change to 100% after the pupil who failed English by 3% has her paper remarked. Out of our 119 Matric pupils, 81 qualified with Bachelors passes, which is 68% of the entire grade. We had 24 pupils with an average of over 70%, six narrowly missing this group with 69%. Our top 5 pupils managed an overall A average. I am including below a list of all pupils who achieved a B and above (in ranked order). They achieved a total of 99 subject A’s, with Drama being our top performing subject. Half of the drama class scored an A, with the class average standing at 78%. Not a single subject had a class average of below 50%. We did really well in subjects like, English, Maths, Science and Accounting.

Congratulations to the following pupils who achieved a B average and above:
Soekoe Nicola
Robbertze Anri
Wilson Lani
Sima Nabeel
Southgate Ebrahim
Addison Kenya
Massey Hannah
Cassar Julia
Van Staden Peter
Mijlof Chelsea
Duvenage Lisa
Dionysopoulos Jason
Clarke Jonathan
Sibindi Pinky
Osato Leila
Pace Michaela
Davies Margot
Leibbrandt Kelly
Chomse Ruby
Garces Mikaila
Clark Courtney
Hoveka Inessa
Raath Melissa
Holliday Ya’eesh

Collecting and Dropping Pupils
The pupils must be dropped at the ‘Stop and Drop’ areas above and below the school from 7.30 am to 8.10 am and from 2.10 pm to 2.45 pm. Those are times when our pupils enter and leave the building and walk down the driveway. It is unsafe to have cars on campus at this time.

Academic and Extra-Mural Programme

The pupils will begin work immediately, and will be receiving homework in all subjects. Sporting and extra-mural sign-up lists will be done on Friday, and sports practises will begin next week. Please click on Term Calendar for your information.

We wish you all the best for 2011!

Yours sincerely


School Fees for the 2011
It was decided unanimously at our Budget Meeting in November 2010 that the fees for the full year 2011 shall be R20 500-00

If monthly payments are made, R2050-00 per month is payable over ten months, starting 1 February and ending 1 November. I urge you to start paying in February, even if you are intending to apply for a reduction in fees. This will ease the debt burden later in the year.

Our banking details are as follows:
Camps Bay High School
First National Bank, Sea Point
Branch Code: 201809
Account Number: 502 403 434 63.

We accept all major credit cards, debit orders, cheque and internet payments. Please avoid paying cash as this poses a security risk and attracts high bank fees. If paying via internet banking (EFT) or directly to the bank, kindly use your family number from your statement as reference so that I can allocate your payment correctly.

Monthly statements are sent out regularly to keep you informed of payments made and the balance due.


If fees are paid in full before 28 February 2011, R2050-00 discount may be deducted.

Should you require any financial assistance, please contact me as soon as possible so that structures may be put in place to aid your situation. In order to assist you financially we require full financial disclosure, i.e. proof of household income and at least 3 months recent bank statements. Please be assured that this information is dealt with strictly confidentially and that no one outside the financial sub-committee will have access to your personal information.

Please treat this with the utmost importance. I trust you find this in order and look forward to meeting you and to being of assistance.

Susie Denning
Assistant Bursar


to help in a small business in Tamboerskloof.
Must have good communication, basic typing/computer skills and be e-mail literate.
Initially a part-time position of approximately 9 hours per week but possibly more later.
Would suit a mature person interested in the visual arts and wanting flexibility.
To start as soon as possible.
Contact Michael on 021-422-0283 or 072-139-7906