Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CBH Pupils Included in National Youth Build - Jun '11

A number of Camps Bay High School pupils have been included in the National Youth Build which is taking place at various locations around South Africa from 20 - 24 June 2011. The pupils are encouraged to assist in the building of houses.

Here a number of Camps Bay pupils are seeing leaving for Mfuleni (a relatively new township approximately 40 kilometres from Cape Town) to participate in this partnership on Wednesday, 22 June 2011.

CBHS Academic Top 15 Students - 2nd Term '11

Here are the Top Fifteen students, for each grade, in the Second Term of 2011 at Camps Bay High School:

1. Liltved Allegra 88.89%
2. Fagan Hannah 86.00%
3. Way Jessica 85.67%
4. Gadeyne Zoe 83.22%
5. Tchalov Anna 82.33%
6. Glover Kelly 81.78%
7. Sujee Layiah 81.00%
8. Jackson Connor 80.89%
9. Davids Sara 80.33%
10. Jones Katelyn 78.11%
11. De Wet Connor 78.00%
12. Mohamed La’eeqoh 77.67%
13. Hulme Isabella 77.44%
14. Sullivan Caitlin 76.78%
15. Adriaens Dylan 75.78%

1. Geyser Cullam 86.00%
2. Van Rensburg Kiyan 85.78%
3. Geyser Bevan 85.00%
4. Green Alison 84.89%
5. Beimel Maxine 82.89%
6. Arendse Nicole 79.33%
7. Brittz Natan 78.89%
8. McIver Nicole 78.78%
9. De Bruin Oliver 78.67%
10. Shapiro Guinevere 78.44%
11. Greyling Maya 78.00%
12. Gubu Lolwethu 77.11%
13. Moodley Viasha 76.44%
13. Fehr Fabio 76.22%
15. Ritchie Miles 74.89%

1. Colombo Andrea 90.00%
2. Visser Ankia 86.86%
3. Byrnes Kathryn 85.29%
4. Osner Samantha 82.86%
5. Steyn Mayhew 79.29%
6. Isaacs Waleed 78.14%
7. Gulwa Kanya 77.00%
8. Inocetes Miguel 76.43%
9. Horn Nicole 75.43%
10. Liltved Keanu 74.86%
10. Mvandaba Veli 74.86%
12. Cassar Luke 74.00%
12. Griffiths Chardè 74.00%
14. Witten Dane 73.57%
15. Mansuri Sufiyan 73.43%

1. Vaisanen Rebekka 83.14%
2. De Girardier Rudolph 82.57%
3. Burger Jessica 82.43%
4. Mohamed Fatima 81.57%
5. Van der Laar Kieron 79.86%
6. Sealy Sesane 79.00%
7. Burger Amy 77.71%
8. Jones Lyandra 76.43%
9. Bruce-Chwatt Tomas 76.29%
10. Ngcobo Nicholas 75.86%
11. Van Duyn Danielle 75.43%
12. Schlemmer Lucia 75.29%
13. Davies Megan 75.14%
13. Van der Spuy Luke 75.14%
13. Simons Aaqib 75.14%

1. Rous Nicholas 87.14%
1. De Girardier Ruben 87.14%
3. Karp Adam 85.43%
3 Schumann Tim 85.43%
5. McGregor Alex 84.86%
6. Robbertze Esti 83.57%
7. Cook Anthony 82.43%
7. Mazema Imran 82.43%
9 Tangocci Jerome 81.14%
10. Ashcroft Jenna 80.14%
10. Brisco Georgia 80.14%
12. Morris Cherise 79.00%
13. Hamilton Miles 78.86%
14. Jackson Taylor 78.29%
15. Puglia Carmelo 78.14%

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CBHS Newsletter 6 - Jun '11

Dear Parents

The exams have finished and all the marks are in, For the Grade 8’s this was their first real High School exam. Most pupils have performed well, but there are a few who will need to put in a lot of work between now and the end of the year. I am sure you will find the teachers’ comments most useful in deciding how to respond to your child’s results. We have noted that many juniors seemed unable to focus their efforts on going over the work, so they wasted time and didn’t study when they had the chance. Hopefully self-discipline will increase with maturity.

Included in this newsletter is the term calendar for the 3rd term. You will notice that our parent meetings start with Grades 8 – 11 on Wed 20th July and Grade 12’s on Thurs 21st July. The big event at the start of next term is the Matric Dance on 23rd July.

Other big dates in the term are:
20th August: Sport Derby Day against Groote Schuur High
26th & 27th August: School Play
3rd September: Past Pupil sport matches
10th September: Grade 11 Fashion Show
16 – 18th September: Grade 9 Camp

The term ends with the Grade 11’s going on their “work experience” while the Grade 10’s do their community service project.

As per the flyers sent to parents, the Camps Bay Schools have decided to partner with BIZPARENTS. We want to encourage you to join the website: Biz parents is an innovative web based directory for parents of schools to advertise and showcase their services and businesses to one another. At the same time it will generate income for our school by donating a percentage of the monthly advertising fees back to the school. The aim of the website is to encourage networking amongst parents.
For further details, please contact Mellony O'Dowd on 084-581-6164.

World Challenge 2012
In June 2012 we will be going to Ethiopia for a 16 day adventure. The expedition includes a social project at a local school and an orienteering programme. Pupils are empowered to plan and fund raise for their own expedition. Grade 9 and 10 pupils have already been invited to apply for this exciting opportunity. On Wednesday 3rd August we will be having an information evening for pupils and parents at 6:30 p.m. This is an opportunity to meet the World Challenge organisers and ask questions. All are welcome to attend.
For more information contact Ms le Chat by email on

Textbook Deposits
It appears that my last communication on the issue of text book deposits was a little unclear. Let me try again. In the past we had a list of required books which the parents bought, and at the end of the year sold as second hand books to the next year’s children. The school held no stock and so had no responsibility for books. All this has changed in the last few years with the Education Department issuing some of the books. These books are expected to last for 5 years and so we need to collect the books at the end of every year and issue them the following year to the next Grade. To ensure the return of the books we asked for a deposit of R100. However with the cost of textbooks now exceeding R100, children who lose their books are quite happy to forfeit their deposit instead of replacing the book. Therefore we agreed to raise the deposit to R200, hence the request for an additional R100. I hope that this clears up any confusion,

Our Grade 10’s returned tired from their adventure camp in the mountains above Elgin. It appears all went well except for the hike that was rained out. The Grade 11 leadership camp in Ceres was very successful. The full programme kept everyone busy and the pupils were exhausted on their return.

I hope you enjoy a well-earned rest over the holidays.


Monday, June 13, 2011

CBHS Canterbury Crusaders at CBHS - Jun '11

The Canterbury Crusaders Super 15 Rugby Team recently visited Camps Bay High School during their stay in SA to use the school's fields for a training session. It was a great experience for all the pupils to see some of the world's best rugby players in training and we are hoping to continue with this relationship in the future.

Click ‹‹here›› for more photos.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

CBHS Presenttion in Foyer - Jun ' 11

At Camps Bay High School, we are focused on providing the best educational experience for each child. The upgrade of facilities and new equipment forms part of the enabling environment that allows us to offer each child a unique school experience. When you are next in the school's foyer, you will find an informative presentation of our school policy, mission, vision and ethos, together with a slideshow of the latest photographs of our pupil and staff's everyday life at the school.

Our thanks to Michael Horn from Datacentrix, Richard Starkey from Priest Productions, Eric de Korte and everyone else who made this wonderful presentation happen.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

CBHS Past Pupil Frank Solomon - Jun '11

Camps Bay High School former pupil Frank Solomon has gone through through to the semi-finals in an international surfing competition in Chile:

Click on the article below to enlarge: