Friday, March 28, 2014

CBHS Events Calendar - Second Term '14

The Camps Bay High School Events Calendar for the Second Term of 2014 is extracted below.

To dowload a high-resolution print version in PDF file format, from Google Drive, click ‹‹here››.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

CBHS Newsletter 08 - 27 Mar '14

Dear Parents,

First Term Results:

I was extremely pleased with the performance of the vast majority of our pupils this term. We have a great group of very hard working Grade Eight’s that have joined the school this year. They have performed particularly well.

This is the first term that the new syllabus (called CAPS) is implemented in Grades Eight and Nine. With it comes a set of new and more stringent passing requirements that include the need to pass English with 50% or more, Afrikaans/Xhosa with 40% or more and Maths with 40% or more. This has caused a number of pupils in these Grades to fail the term.

To improve their performance to this new level is going to be our challenge for the year ahead. (For your interest, the pass requirements are included below).

To assist these and other children who are struggling academically we offer a comprehensive extra lesson programme (completely for free). Our teachers stay after school to offer this help. The programme is included with this report. I encourage you to get your child to make use of this offer of extra support. However, for pupils in all Grades who have failed a language, these lessons will be compulsory from the start of next term

If your child has performed well, please acknowledge this and commend them on their hard work.

Hopefield Derby (24 March 2014):

On Monday, 150 pupils and teachers travelled up the West Coast to Hopefield for our annual Derby. We competed against Hopefield in Rugby, Girls Hockey and Netball. The rain held off for the start of the afternoon, but by the time the senior Rugby teams were playing, it was pouring down. However all our teams thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This pre-season Derby allows us to measure our readiness for the season. We won some matches and lost others, but at the end of the day the final result seemed less important than the great experience our pupils had being hosted by Hopefield High School. They made us feel most welcome. The last bus got home safely at 9 p.m.

To see the photos of the Hopefield Derby, click ‹‹here››.

Pupil Achievements:

We were happy to hear that the Camps Bay Scouts who took part in the ‘Kontiki’ raft building competition at Sandvlei over the weekend came third overall. Well done to the team of Kiyan van Rensberg, Ben Alexander, Cullam Geyser, Kyle Valadas, Joshua Schreiber, Daniel Ammann, Jordan Bysshe and Connor Thompson.

Two Grade Eight pupils, Alex Crane and Kiandra Bintcliffe, also took part in the competition as part of their Scout troop from 2nd Hout Bay. This was their first time and they came a respectable 18th (out of 28 teams).

Congratulations to Mia Neethling (Grade Nine), who has won an America Academy of Ballet Scholarship award. This will allow Mia to attend the Summer School of Excellence for five weeks from 29 June till the 2 August 2014, at Purchase College State University in New York. As part of this programme, Mia will have the opportunity to perform in the five concerts that will be staged. We wish her all the best and know she will benefit immensely from this wonderful opportunity.

BookBuzz Update:

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in books for our library collection. We have had an amazing response. The collection will continue into the start of next term, so if you need to clear out your home book collection there is still time.

School Attendance:

Teaching takes place each term up to the second last day of the term. There is a bad habit that some children have (learned from their friends at other schools), of not coming to school in the last week of the term. When they bunk school in this way they miss valuable work that needs to be caught up. Can you please ensure that your child is at school each day.

Finally a big thanks to the teaching and support staff who have worked hard to make this terms events, sport and teaching such a success.

A Reminder:

Our Second Term starts on 7 April 2014 (Day 3 on the Second Term Events Calendar). For the Second Term Events Calendar, click here.

Have a good holiday.

Yours sincerely

Mr David de Korte

Book Buzz:

Donate your used books to Camps Bay High School!
Share the Gift. Improve Lives. Engineer the Future.
Drive ends 30 April 2014
Pupils, Parents of Camps Bay Schools as well as all of the Community and Businesses, please join our Camps Bay High School “Book Buzz Drive”
We are collecting donated books for the School Library. We are looking for a wide variety of modern reads in all genres to bolster our selection
Books can be dropped off at the Camps Bay Preparatory, Primary and High Schools

To arrange for collection, please e-mail:, or

A book can change a life and give the reader a whole new world

10th Cape Town Funny Festival

Once again, Camps Bay High School has been offered the very kind and generous opportunity by Eddy Cassar to sell Jive Funny Festival tickets to raise funds to complete our Cultural Centre which has just been built at Camps Bay High School, but requires equipment and additional fit out.

The evening we have secured is 27 May 2014 at 20h00 and the line up Eddy Cassar has secured is going to be a WOW with local and international comedy talents.

The cost of a Ticket is R150.00 each and we will get a portion of each ticket sold and booked through us.
Please support this Fundraiser and come and join Camps Bay High School. Why not get your friends and family to join you and make a group booking ! This will help us make this event an enormous success as a fundraiser. Together we could raised significant funds to complete the Camps Bay High School’s Cultural Centre which all your children will benefit from and pupils in years to come.

Please email Michele Harvey at or Simone Segal at to let them know how many tickets you would like. We will allocate your seats which will be confirmed with you once you have made an EFT payment in full for your booking.

EFT full payment to:-
Camps Bay High School
FNB Sea Point,
Acc no:502 403 43463 - Current Account
Branch Code: 201809
Please mark your payment with your SURNAME and FUNNY FESTIVAL.
In order to reconcile and help us, please confirm payment and send us a copy of your proof of payment to our bursar, Lynnette



• Take 9 subjects
• Complete all formal tasks
• HOME LANGUAGE (ENGLISH)           = code 4    50% and above
• OTHER OFFICIAL LANGUAGE           = code 3    40% and above
• MATHEMATICS                                  = code 3    40% and above
• THREE OTHER LEARNING AREAS    = code 3    40% and above
• TWO OTHER LEARNING AREAS                        30% and above


• Take 7 subjects
• Complete all formal tasks
• HOME LANGUAGE                       = 40%

The following extra lessons are offered:


These classes run after school for approximately a hour in the venues indicated by the teacher.

Governing Body By-Election:

We two vacancies on the Governing Body. We were going to hold a by-election today to fill these positions. However we only received two nominations, so both are duly elected. There is no need to vote.

Therefore congratulations to Colin and Michele Harvey who are now fully elected memebers of the Governing Body. Both have served on the governing body in 2013 in a co-opted capacity as at the time they had no children at the school.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CBHS Winter Sports Programme - 2nd & 3rd Terms '14

The Winter Sports Programme for the Second and Third Terms of 2014 at Camps Bay High School is extracted below. For a printable, high-resolution PDF file on Google Drive, click ‹‹here››.

CBHS Pet Food Collection by ACTA - Mar '14

ACTA at Camps Bay High School is collecting dog, cat and bird food (either wet or dry). All the food collected will be donated to DARG in Hout Bay. We do encourage all the families at the school to support this initiative by handing in foodstuffs to the School Office or to hand it in during Tutor lessons.

CBHS Cultural Exchange to Italy - Mar '14

A number of Camps Bay High School pupils, accompanied by Mr David de Korte and Mr Eban Tucker, recently participated in an Italian Exchange tour. A great adventure of skiing, shopping and sightseeing was enjoyed by all who went on the trip.

To see more photos (by Mr David de Korte) of this tour, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CBHS Hopefield Derby - 24 Mar '14

On Monday, 24 March 2014, Camps Bay High School participated in the annual Derby against Hopefield.  This year the event was held in Hopefield and although it was a very wet and rainy day, a great day of sportsmanship was enjoyed by all.

To see more photos (by Ms Sarah Schumann) of this tour, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Above: Soggy weather, but our spirits remained high!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

CBHS Water Day for Nazareth House - 22 Mar '14

On Saturday, 22 March 2014, the Interact Society of Camps Bay High School planned a Water Day for the children of Nazareth House. Various games were organised and refreshments were prepared for the children. Unfortunately they had to cancel due to inclement weather, but nevertheless the morning was enjoyed by Sihle (who celebrated his 3rd birthday), his mom, Ms Sandy Parker, and our pupils.

To see more photos (by Ms Sarah Schumann) of this event, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CBHS Dance Showcase - Mar '14

Camps Bay High School recently hosted a Dance Showcase evening at the school. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended the event. A high standard of dance was displayed by the pupils who participated.

Photos by Mr Kiri Roussopoulos.

To see more photos of this event, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Monday, March 17, 2014

CBHS Inter-Schools Gala - Mar '14

The annual Inter-Schools Swimming Gala was held recently. Students from Camps Bay High School attended this event. As can be seen, it was an event of great school spirit! For more photos of this event on the Camps Bay High School's photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

CBHS Barn Dance - 7 Mar '14

On Friday, 7 March 2014, the Interact Society of Camps Bay High School held a Barn Dance in the School Hall.  The event was supported by pupils not only from our High School but also from the Primary School. A great evening of line dancing was enjoyed by all.

To see more photos of this event, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CBHS “BookBuzz” Initiative - 3 Mar '14

The Camps Bay High School library is a large, beautifully laid out space and well run by Mrs Barbara Theron and Mrs Anneke Bright. Every year a budget is set aside by the school and School Governing Body to replace, upgrade and buy new books to keep the library current and up to date.

However, as with every budget, it can only stretch so far and the area of contemporary books in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa needs parents’ assistance with donations of books. We are not only looking for a wide selection of genres, such as commercially popular books by well known, bestselling authors. We are also looking for books that have won literary prizes or have been recommended by newspapers, magazines and premium book stores.

We need autobiographies, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, cookery books, hobby books as well as any specialist magazines on subjects such as motor racing, fishing, boating, electronics, sound engineering, surfing, model building etc. This additional reading material to the library would create great excitement among our pupils.

We appeal to all the pupils, parents, families and their friends as well as the community of Camps Bay to consider a spring clean of their book shelves. Select good condition and quality contemporary books, quarterly magazines, subscriptions as well as books which have been circulated in book clubs, books bought at leading book stores and donate them to the Camps Bay High School Parent Initiative “Book Buzz”. The books must be suitable for ages 14 years and older.

These books can be placed in the bins in the foyer of the High School or dropped off in the bins at the Camps Bay Preparatory or Primary Schools.

Please mark your donation(s) well with a name and a telephone number as well as an email address or postal address, so that we can contact you to thank you. Your name will be added to the Book Buzz 2014 Board which will go up in the Library.

You may well be asking, "what if we get too many of the same books?". We do keep several copies of books in high demand but will also be donating the extra copies of popular books to the Hout Bay High School library, Sea Point School Library and The Bookery.

We will be starting Book Buzz on 3 March 2014 and continue until the end of April.

Please distribute this letter and send it to family, friends and neighbours and ask them to participate as well.

Should you be able to assist with this project, have any suggestions or queries, wish to lead a team of enthusiasts for this project, or have any contacts for books/magazines from publishers and printers who may be willing to donate books which are slightly damaged, please contact us for assistance.

Michele Harvey:
Cellphone: 082-826-5596

Simone Segal:
Cellphone: 082-378-1185

Let’s all get together and change some lives and get our students reading ferociously!

“When you sell a man a book you don't sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue - you sell him a whole new life.”

 - Christopher Morley