Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CBHS School Governing Body - Feb '14

School Governing Body for March 2014 through to 2015:

Following the recent School Governing Body elections, the SGB consists of the following members:

Chairman: Ashraf Abrahams
Vice Chair: Susie Joubert
Treasurer: Brian Williams
Discipline: Ingrid van Diemen
Special Projects: Michele Harvey
Buildings and Grounds: Colin Harvey
Parent Liaison: Paula Valadas
School Principal: David de Korte

Other Members:
Vivienne Ashcroft

Alison Knipe
Lynette Olivier

Staff Representatives:
Louis Mostert
Ettie Cronje
Victor van Heerden

Prefects - Kiyan van Rensburg 
RCL - Athene Strates

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