Thursday, October 31, 2013

CBHS Prefects of 2014 - Oct '13

At the recent Camps Bay High School Celebration ceremony, on 14 Oct 2013, the new Prefects for 2014 were announced. Here they are:

Head Prefect:

Kiyan van Rensburg

Deputy Head Prefects:

Maxine Beimel
Liam Visser


Nicholas Carney
Anja Ritchie
Cullam Geyser
Sesona Zengetwa
Daniel Maneveld
Chelsea Bendall
Lolwethu Gubu
Michelle Kao
Nicole McIver
Ethan Philander
Marie-Helene Portocarero
Richard Seeber
Luke Kitchin
Zaynab Mohamed
Miles Ritchie
Jessica Landsberg
Sarah Schumann
Wade Wagner
Bevan Geyser
Solara Wing
Fabio Fehr
Mujahid Londt

To see the photos of the Celebration event, on the Camps Bay Hgh School photo site on Flickr, click ‹‹here››.

Below: The new Head Prefect of 2014, Kiyan van Rensburg receives his badge from outgoing Head Prefect, Robin Taylor.

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