Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CBHS Hopefield Derby Day Programme - 25 Mar 2013

Here follows the programme for the forthcoming Hopefield Derby Day that takes place at Camps Bay High School on 25 May 2013. Please take note of the times and venues:


u14 Girls @ 14h00
u16 Girls @ 14h45
u19 Girls @ 15h00


u17 Boys @ 14h30 vs. Walmer S.S.   


u19 Girls @ 15h00


u15 Boys @ 14h00
2nd Team @ 15h00
1st Team @ 16h00

Please Note:

Girls' Netball matches will be played on the open courts that are the Tennis courts.

Boys Soccer matches will be at the La Med field.

There will be tea and sandwiches served for the staff that are staying to watch the matches. It will be served in the viewing balcony overlooking the sports field. A meal will be served for the Hopefield High School’s teams at the Tuckshop after all the matches have been played.

All the best to the participating students and teams!

Yours in Sport

Mr Mzi Nyathi

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