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CBHS Newsletter 3 - Mar '11

Dear Parents

The first term has come to an end. Our winter sports season started on Monday with our annual Derby Day (afternoon) against Hopefield High School. We competed in rugby, netball and girls hockey. In all these disciplines we got excellent pre-season training.
Our best wishes and thoughts go with all our pupils who are going on Sports Tours in the holidays, The soccer team left on Wednesdsay morning on tour, while the rugby are off to Graaff Reinett, the U16 girls hockey are going to Potchefstroom and the boys and girls senior hockey sides are going to George. All these teams will be participating in pre-season tournaments.

We were delighted when we learned that our Grade 12 pupil from 2010 who failed English has passed on a remark. This gives us a 100% Matric pass rate for 2010. Most of our History pupils also asked for remarks and seem to all have improved their results, some by up to 10%. I have asked the department to inform the school of the results of all our pupils who asked for a remark.

Our pupils on the Italian Exchange seem to be having a most enjoyable and informative trip. They will be home on Thursday.

Results from Term 1

The first term is always a wake-up term for pupils as they begin to adjust to the academic demands of a higher grade. The Grade 9’s, particularly the boys, have struggled to up their game to the demands of this grade. For many this report will be a ‘wake-up’ call. Fortunately there is enough time left in the year to rectify this situation. On the whole the senior grades, Grade 11 and 12 have done reasonably well. Many of our top grade 12 students have pulled out all the stops and produced excellent results. However, there are a few pupils in this grade who need to wake from their sleep and start regular work.

The selection process at Camps bay High ensures that children who are enrolled here have the ability to succeed. Our experience is that the only factors that cause a child not to pass are:
1. Poor school attendance
2. Poor personal management (ill-discipline that leads to laziness and disruption in class).
3. Strong external factors, like drugs usage or a family crisis or a personal crisis.

These three factors are all things that can be addressed and changed.

Congratulations to the following pupils who have come top of their grades:

TOP 15 TERM 1 2011

1. Liltved Allegra 91.44%
2. Fagan Hannah 86.22%
3. Way Jessica 85.44%
4. De Wet Connor 85.33%
5. Sujee Layiah 83.44%
6. Glover Kelly 83.11%
7. Gadeyne Zoe 83.11%
8. Hulme Isabella 81.56%
9. Jackson Connor 79.22%
10. Tchalov Anna 78.67%
11. Jones Katelyn 78.33%
12. Sullivan Caitlin 77.00%
13. Dean James 76.33%
14. Adriaens Dylan 75.56%
15. Lerm Karla 74.44%

1. Green Alison 87.78%
2. Geyser Cullam 85.44%
3. Van Rensburg Kiyan 83.89%
4. Beimel Maxine 83.56%
5. Geyser Bevan 82.33%
6. Brittz Natan 79.76%
7. Fehr Fabio 78.22%
7. Moodley Viasha 78.22%
7. Gubu Lolwethu 78.22%
10. Landsberg Jessica 78.11%
11. Greyling Tarn 77.22%
12. Arendse Nicole 76.89%
13. Portocarero Marie 76.33%
14. Smith Chanelle 75.78%
14. Bendal Chelsea 75.78%

1. Colombo Andrea 90.57%
2. Byrnes Kathryn 86.57%
3. Visser Ankia 85.43%
4. Horn Nicole 84.57%
5. Isaacs Waleed 83.57%
6. Osner Samantha 81.29%
7. Liltved Keanu 80.86%
8. Inocentes Miguel 80.29%
9. Le Chat Emmanuelle 80.14%
10. Steyn Mayhew 78.71%
11. Cassar Luke 78.29.%
12. Mvandaba Veli 76.71%
13. Whittaker D J 76.57%
14. Liltved Mikaela 76.00%
14. Witten Dane 76.00%

1. Vaisanen Rebekka 83.86%
1. De Girardier Rudolph 83.86%
3. Jones Lyandra 83.71%
4. Burger Jessica 83.29%
5. Nicholas Robin-Sue 83.29%
6. Burger Amy 82.43%
7. Schlemmer Lucia 80.71%
7. Van der Laar Kieron 80.71%
7. Sealy Sesane 80.71%
10. Hendricks Ninah 80.57%
10. Simons Aaqib 80.57%
12. Ngcobo Nicholas 80.14%
13. Kubheka Mbali 79.57%
14. Van der Spuy Luke 79.43%
14. Bruce-Chwatt Tomas 79.43%

1. De Girardier Ruben 87.57%
2. Mazema Imran 86.29%
3. Schumann Tim 85.86%
4. Karp Adam 85.71%
5. Rous Nicholas 85.57%
6. Morris Cherisse 85.43%
7. McGregor Alex 85.00%
7. Cook Anthony 84.71%
9. Robbertze Esti 84.57%
9. Jackson Taylor 84.57%
11. Tangocci Jerome 83.00%
12. Brisco Georgia 81.29%
13. Hamilton Miles 79.29%
14. Puglia Carmelo 79.00%
15. Andrews Nicholas 77.86%

University of Stellenbosch
The following students are enrolled at Stellenbosch for 2011 – they all attended Camps Bay High School in 2010.
I Arnold – BA in VA (Visual Communications)
D Colombo – BA (Development & Environment)
A Mhlahlo Dip (PM) (Prac Music Study A)
C Mijlof - BA (Accounting)
N Sima – MB.ChB
D Windell – B Comm (Management Accounting)

Renovations and Improvement:
Our Governors have been hard at work improving the look of the school. Visitors to the school will have noticed the new furniture in the reception area and the foyer. A big TV screen shows pictures of school events, while a walk down the corridor allows parents and pupils to view our art students’ best work. If you go into any of the offices you will also notice the dramatic colour scheme that has been introduced as a theme to all these venues. The next step in this process is a revamp of the kitchen and also the boys change room. Both these venues are desperately in need of a change. The Governing Body has a sub-committee of dedicated ladies who have been driving and managing these revamps and we are very grateful to them.


The U14’s played Oudemolen and CBHS made 95 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. Nabeel Soeker scored 27 and Aleck 23. Oude Molen in reply were bowled out for 56 runs. James Dean took 3 wickets for 4 runs and James Coetzee took 2 wickets for 5 runs.
The U14’s also played a well experienced Pinelands High team. CBHS batted first and made 55 runs. Aleck Kanyerere was the top scorer with 21 runs. In reply, Pinelands made 56 runs for 2 wickets. Litha Mdyesha took 2 wickets for 7 runs.
The U15’s played against Cravenby Cricket Club and they were bowled out for 79 runs. Lunga Ntsabiso took 3 wickets for 17 runs. CBSH made 80 runs for 6 wickets. Marc Bright was not out for 15 runs. CBHS won by 4 wickets.
The U14’s played Islamia College. Camps Bay made 70 runs all out and Islamia 72 runs for 4 wickets. Camps Bay lost by 6 wickets.

Basketball (Boys)

The U14’s played a brilliant game against Fairmont and won 10 – 2.
The U14’s and U19’s played Herzlia on Wednesday.
Both teams won their matches easily with Andrew van Diemen being the player of the match for the U14’s and Sheldon Houlihan being the highest goal scorer for the U19’s.

Netball Clinic
On the 20th March the Netball girls left for their netball clinic, hosted by Maties in Stellenbosch. The week was packed with continuous activities, team drills, fitness as well as several games played against various schools, such as Tygerberg, J G Meiring and The Our Lady of Fatima. The Camps Bay team continued to play exceptionally well. The week was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and we look forward to the upcoming season. Thank you to Ms Cronje for all she has done – including lifts, laughs and support; as well as the dedicated Camps Bay Netball team.


1st Long Jump: Alexia ABRAMSON
1st Shot put: Mbali NOGQALA
1st Discus: Leanne SEEKOEI
1st 100m and 200 & Junior Victrix Ludorum: Cassidy JERRAM
1st Long jump And 1st 200m: Nicole MCIVER
1st High Jump: Ambriel AGRELA
1st 100m: Amy BURGER

1st High Jump: Roman ENGELBRECHT
1st 800m: Shaquille WILLIAMS
1st High Jump: Max IMMENKAMP
1st Discus: Matthew HARVEY
1st 800m: Felix MOYA
1st 1500m: Sufiyan MANSURI
1st 400m, 800m & 1500m: Elvin KANYERERE
1st Long Jump, High Jump, 100m and 200m & Senior Victor Ludorum: Mark BRIGHT

Have a good holiday and return refreshed and ready for hard work in the second term.

TERM 2: Starts Monday 11th April

Yours sincerely



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