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CBHS Newsletter 2 - Mar '10

Dear Parents

The teenage years are a period where pupils transition from being children to adults. As teenagers learn new skills and grow in confidence, they become more assertive. As they are learning these skills, they need to learn when and how to promote or defend their point of view or position. Learning these new skills must not be seen to replace or detract from other complimentary skills. The skill I would like to highlight is that of recognizing when a person is in authority over you, and being obedient to their reasonable requests. Obedience is simply doing what you are asked to do. In discussing this with the school during Assembly, I asked for the pupils to be obedient in four specific ways.

These are:
To be obedient immediately.
This means to carry out an instruction now and not at some later time.
To be obedient cheerfully.
This means to do the task with the right positive spirit.
To be obedient unconditionally.
To do the job without trying to negotiate less work or a better deal.
To be obedient by completing the instruction.
This is to do the task thoroughly.

As we discussed it we recognized this was difficult to get right in every situation. However, it is important for our children to set the bar high when it comes to being obedient. The teachers were reflecting on how much time could be saved in each lesson if the children were obedient in the ways I have outlined. It may be helpful to discuss these ideas on obedience with your child at home.


Our U19 Cricket team played against Chester House who batted first and scored 188 runs for 7 wickets. Kyle Horn took 4 wickets for 45 runs and Dylan Meek got 2 wickets for 24 runs. Camps Bay then chased a huge victory target. Anthony Cook who got 41 runs, Zaheer Ebrahim got 37 runs and Ibrahim Southgate on 36 runs were the top run scorers. Well done on an excellent performance to all the cricket boys! Camps Bay won by four wickets.

Waterpolo Tour Girls
The 1st team Water Polo girls left Camps Bay on Thursday the 18th of February for the annual Alexander Road High School Girls’ Water Polo Tournament. Read more about the tour ‹‹here››.

Surfing Camp Elands Bay

The annual surfing camp took place over the weekend of the 26th to 28th February. This was an extremely hot weekend with temperatures in the high 30’s and touching 41°C on occasions. Fortunately there were waves and so a lot of time was spent surfing in the icy west-coast water. Mr Baker, Mr O’Reilly and Mr de Korte took a group of 20 surfers and body boarders on this epic trip. Over the weekend most of the group had clocked 6 surfing sessions from early morning till after sunset. Camps Bay dominated Elands reef, Elands outers and YoYo’s. We returned on Sunday afternoon with sunburn, wetsuit rash, sore arms and many happy memories of great rides.SHAVE-A-THON
Bryn O’Reilly organized a shave-a-thon to raise awareness and money for cancer. Along with a number of pupils who stepped up and shaved their heads, Mr O’Reilly, Ms Parker, Mr Taylor, Mr Cawood and Mrs Wessels also took the number 1 cut. There are few families that have not been touched in some way by cancer. Raising awareness amongst pupils is vital.

On 23rd March 2010 we will be traveling to Hopefield with our Netball, Rugby, Soccer and Hockey teams to play our annual Derby matches. This will be the first time we compete against Hopefield in soccer and hockey, which is a welcome addition to our afternoon sport.


This week at Camps Bay, we have been tackling the very real and serious issue of teenage-pregnancy. As a build-up to this week, the learners participated in a sexual health survey, asking questions around their sexual health, behaviour and attitudes. Various activities took place at school during the week. Speakers were invited from Rape Crisis and Pregnancy Help Center to address learners on the importance of keeping safe and the repercussions of falling pregnant at a young age. Life Orientation classes were packed with videos about self-respect, cartoons relating to teen pregnancy, and a presentation by Ms Levin and Ms Richfield on the results of the survey as well as HIV awareness. We hope that this week has been a success, and that more teenagers have come to think seriously about teenage-pregnancy.

With 2 weeks to go to the end of term we are in the process of putting the term reports together. Parents of Grade 8 – 11 pupils can collect the reports on 24th March 2010 @ 5:30pm. There will be a presentation from 5:30 to 6pm, after which the reports will be handed out and you can meet the teachers. Grade 12’s can collect their reports on 25th March at 5:30pm. There will also be an opportunity to meet the teachers.

The WCED (Department of Education) has finally completed all the rankings for the 2009 Matric results. We were delighted to learn that 4 of our pupils were placed in the TOP 10 in the Province for certain subjects.

Congratulations to:
Danica Davies (3rd in the Province for Consumer Studies)
Cheyze Mannie (10th in the Province for Drama)
Masivuyo Sithole (2nd in the Province for isiXhosa First Additional language)
Nikhil Hutheran (1st in the Province in Business Studies)

May I please encourage you to make a point of collecting your child’s report on the days indicated.

Yours sincerely



Monday 22nd March: Human Rights day – school closed

Tuesday 23rd March: Hopefield Derby in Hopefield

Wednesday 24th March: Maths Olympiad at UCT

Wednesday 24th March: Grade 8 – 11 Parent Meeting to collect reports & speak to the teachers

Thursday 25th March: Grade 12 Parent Meeting to collect reports and speak to teachers

Friday 26th March: School closes at 11h00

Monday 12th April: School re-opens for Term 2

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