Thursday, March 25, 2010

CBHS Newsletter 3 - 24 Mar '10

Dear Parents

This end-of-term newsletter accompanies your child’s first term report. This has been an eleven-week term; which is one week longer than usual. We have noticed that our pupils have become weary towards the end of the term, and are in need of a holiday. I encourage you to ensure that they rest well over the two week break.

The report in your possession is a fair reflection of your child’s progress and performance this term. The teachers' comments are to give you an insight into each subject, and your child’s attitude and application behind the mark they attained. For one child, 60% may be a very good result, while for another, 60% may reflect under-achievement.

All subjects have a term mark. A host of activities and assessments have contributed to this result. These are called CASS components and stand for Cumulative Assessment Tasks. The kind of tasks that are possible are: Homework assignments, projects, investigations, tests, group work, worksheets, orals, practicals etc. Some of the teacher comments have attributed a low result to work that has not been handed in. We have a number of strategies to get all the work in. However, if a child is determined not to do the work, or is very lazy and consistently absent, it can be nearly impossible to get the work done.

The parent/teacher meetings are for you to follow-up on any questions you may have arising from your child’s report.

Goodbye to Claude
Many parents will have met Claude, our on-site after hours building manager. Claude has lived on the property for 4 years and given valuable service to the school. He originates from DRC, and has always planned to return home. At the end of last year his family returned home to the DRC, and he will be joining them at the end of March. We are sad to see him go, and very thankful for the excellent job he has done of securing the school building and helping visitors to the school. He has been a very present ‘face’ of the school to all the people who use our facilities after hours. We wish him well on his return home.

Hopefield Derby
On 23rd March 2010, 120 pupils and 12 teachers took the long hot drive up the West Coast to the little town of Hopefield. Report ‹‹here››.

Camps Bay Schools' 2010 Soccer Initiative
The three Camps Bay Schools are very excited to advise that we are planning an exciting programme to participate in the excitement of the pending 2010 World Cup. The objective of this programme is to create a memorable year, encourage all three schools to get involved, to share in the enthusiasm, and educators will extend education into the classrooms.

During the month of May, we have declared Football Fridays, when pupils can come to school in casual clothes in the colour of their team they will be supporting for the World Cup. A competition will be also be run where learners will be given the opportunity to predict the winning team. At the beginning of the 3rd term all the learners with the correct prediction will be invited to a function and a draw will be held. The monies collected for the casual days will be split between a number of names drawn and the African Brothers Football Academy.

The three schools will be launching the soccer initiative at a special assembly which will be held in the Camps Bay High School Quad on Friday, 30 April 2010 at 12h00. All parents are warmly welcome to attend the function and join us for tea afterwards.

Holiday Sports Tours
The 1st XV Rugby Team will be going on a tour to Graaf Reinett in the holidays. The First Hockey Boys will be driving to George for their pre-season tour. We with them both well.

Have a good holiday.

Yours sincerely



Notes4Notes Rock/Blues Concert at the Primary School
Diarise Thursday, 25 March 2010 (night before school closes).
Time: 18h30 for 19h00
Price: Adults R50-00, Pupils R20-00
Featured together with main attraction Albert Frost (a brilliant Rock/Blues guitarist) will be :
Honest Politicians, a Camps Bay High School band
Permanent, featuring Joshua Samson.
Various budding musicians from Luke Rycroft's School of Rock.
To book, phone 021-438-1503.

Well done to our TOP 15 in Term 1. View the list ‹‹here››

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