Thursday, March 25, 2010

CBHS Hopefield WInter Sports Day - 23 Mar '10

For over 20 years Camps Bay High School kicks off their winter sports codes with a sports day against Hopefield High School. On 23 March 2010, 120 pupils and 12 teachers took the long hot drive up the West Coast to the little town of Hopefield. One year we travel to them and the next they visit us in Cape Town. We competed in rugby, girl’s hockey, netball and boy’s soccer. A group of Camps Bay High School supporters kept the spirit high with singing from the stands. It was a wonderful afternoon of sport and excitement.

The results saw us losing the first and U14 rugby matches, with the U16’s drawing. We drew the hockey 0 – 0 and won the soccer 9 – 0. The netball was one-way traffic, with Hopfield dominating all the games. After a snack we climbed on our buses and headed home. A wonderful time was had by everyone.

Above: Camps Bay High School 2010 Rugby 1st XV at Hopefield

Above: Camps Bay High School 2010 Soccer 1st XI at Hopefield