Thursday, November 5, 2009

russel daries - valedictory speech 2009

Memories!!!..Matric Class of 2009...memories, remember the days we had together. Memories...reminisce on our days. Memories of days of laughter and moments of sadness.

Remembering our first steps through the school corridors, wearing our school uniform with pride, putting the school badge on our chest will evoke feeling and emotions of courage, passion and bravery no obstacle could withstand. We united under one banner, and all fought for a common goal, a goal of perfection.

Since those baby-steps of grade 8, to the moon walking ways of grade 10, and now the giant strides of Matric. We have developed, adapted and changed over the past 5 years.

Camps Bay High School has taught us many lessons, no other school could have given us the gift of life, this school has. Making us meet such a diverse and special group of people in our lifetime.

We as a grade have had a common understanding, a belief, a happiness. What Word???.....A SPIRIT!!! No textbook could teach, no maths equation could solve and no encyclopaedia could classify. Every single one of us has contributed to the Matric class of 2009, making us who we are today.

We were the best in our own right; we put service before self and lifted each other high on our own shoulder to new levels.

We never could have obtained so many objectives without some influential people for the Matric class of 2009.

Teachers like Mr Cunliffe, the best secret keeper, with those familiar words, “I promise, I will take it to may grave.” Ms Mobsby’s constant wailing in every accounting lesson. Mr Tucker trying to impress the Matric girls by doing pull-ups on any available door. Mr Becker and Mr Cottle still walking around thinking that they are bigger than Jeremy. Finally Mr Baker, those wise words, “Hey hey boy, you’ve got no backbone.”

This dynamic energy then boils over to our pupils, especially the Matrics. The A.N.C’s constant toting and striking at the radio booth. The local fishwives and their “toothless” arguments. Kennedy, Prince and Charlotte still not quiet understand what really happens in a maths lesson. Dexter’s African mating call can be heard throughout the school corridors, "Bambizile Masivuye,Shiniwam Shiniwam Shiniwam…”. The Haubrich’s number one hit single,”HAUBRICK…. HAUBRICK. HOW MANY BRICKS COULD A HAUBRICK BRICK IF A HAUBRICK COULD BRICK BRICKS?????”. S.K, Max and Gino’s murmuring comments of Okay, Excellent, CheerZZZ, Options-Send and I respect that has always supplied us with an endless source of comic relief…but anyways.

What next Matrics? What next awaits us? What will remain? What will be left behind? Then what? When all the lights are turned off, our spotlights are dimmed and our day has finally come to an end and the doors of the Matric class of 2009 has closed. When the corridors are cleared out, our voices grow softer, our face disappear. What will remain? What will be left behind?
Our legacy of love, never let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough, that you can’t achieve what you want to achieve. You have the ability to make the impossible, possible and turn the dream into the reality.

In the words of Bob Marley, “We emancipated ourselves from mental slavery.” We turned our inadequacy, into power beyond measure. We made the doubters, believers. The sceptics into the faithful and the critics, well they could taste the success in our kudu pudding.

As we close the doors of our high school career, and open doors to a new universe, today I want you to walk tall, with your heads held high and love in your heart. You have carved you name in history, you have left your legacy, you are legends!!!!

Russel Daries
Head Prefect 2009

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