Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Colours - You're Simply The Best



When I came to CBHS, I planned to stay for 4 months….it’s been 4 years and 2 months now….and one of the reasons is this Matric class of 2009 and more specific, my beloved Orange House …


I want to show you how to start living through your heart….and by doing that you will discover the true beautiful, amazing and special BEST person you really are. Our six house colours represent our life’s energy systems fueling our lives. This colourful journey will take you to a joyful life in your own skin.

RED: R stands for REALITY

The only real thing, is THIS MOMENT. What you experience right now is your only reality. Any thought or pain from the past is just a MEMORY and any thought or worry about the future is just IMAGINATION. So, make the best of this moment and feel joy!

ORANGE: O stands for ON GUARD

This is about the physical pleasures of the flesh…and the damage you can cause to your body, mind, emotions and your soul by what you smoke, drink and do. You are in control of this one body: make sure you love it and nurture it, it is only your responsibility.

YELLOW : Y stands for YES…for that GUT feeling.

Your gut feeling is your first experience of the real, true you, telling you what to do. This is your intuition speaking from your soul.

GREEN: G stands for GO for your HEART’s passion.

Passion is another voice from the real you, telling you what you truly love and what path you should follow and what you should be busy with. When you start to live from your heart you will start to experience there is more to you than just your body and your brain – there is a soul.

BLUE : B stands for the BRAIN.

Thoughts are based on one of two emotions – fear or love. Any negative thought or behaviour is based on fear- so make sure you think from your heart, the centre of LOVE. You will start to think about yourself and life in a different way, not according to other people’s conditioning.

PURPLE: P stands for PERFECT

You are already perfect! On this road you will discover that perfect soul inside you. You will find your special purpose through which you can passionately participate in this process called life.
When you discover who you really are you can feel joy in this moment…even if there is a storm, struggles or severe pain around you.

May God bless each and every one of you on this colourful road ahead of you.


Anne-Marie Wessels
Tutor Teacher

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