Monday, November 9, 2009

presidents award dinner

The Presidents Awards Dinner, for bronze and silver level award recipients, was held on the 15th of October 2009. Chevon Griffiths, Mikaila Garces and Nicola Soekoe attended the dinner with the accompaniment of Miss Dawn Pieters.

After an introduction by Kim Storey, the head of presidents awards in the Western Cape, starters were served. The Camps Bay pupils began to share their experiences with the other pupils at their table from different schools. After starters and a musical performance, we were addressed by Cape Town’s deputy mayor, on the impotance of projects like Presidents Awards for the youth of today. Nicola Soekoe was one of four students who gave a speech discussing their experiences during Presidents Awards. Nicola spoke about the lifesaving course she completed to become a lifeguard and the highlights of doing lifesaving. The very inspiring speeches were followed by the presentation of Awards. Julia Cassar in absentia and Mikaila Garces received bronze awards, and both Nicola Soekoe and Chevon Griffiths received silver awards.

We then enjoyed the main meal and chatted amongst the pupils at our table. A brilliant dance performance and an encouraging speech followed and the evening then ended in desert. Overall the evening was very inspiring. We heard stories of pupils from underprivileged school who used Presidents Awards to give them a goal in life, others had completed the most amazing community service projects which both saddened and brought joy to our hearts.

Camps Bay High School’s prize recipients left there motivated to complete gold level and to use Presidents Awards as a medium to encourage the youth to make a difference in their community.

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