Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CBHS Boasts Two HIP2B² Champions - Mar '12

Camps Bay High School is very proud of Miles Ritchie and Kiyan van Rensburg who were amongst the eclectic group of passionate young minds made up of techies, artists and athletes that have recently been appointed to spread the word that maths, science and technology are cool.

The HIP2B² Champions represent a rousing melting pot of communities and cultures, and have been selected for both their passion for their studies as well as for their strong communication skills.

Formerly known as Brand Ambassadors, the HIP2B² Champions of 2012 also usher in a new title, which better reflects their role as ‘champions’ of this important public mission to inspire behaviour changes among learners, so that they continue their studies of Maths and Science through Matric.

Above: Miles Ritchie and Kiyan van Rensburg