Saturday, October 15, 2011

CBHS Annual Photographic Competition - Oct '11

Camps Bay High School started a new tradition this year for pupils to enter their best photos in a competition. Photos can be entered in all or one of three categories, namely Nature, Abstract and People. The pupils took part with enthusiasm, with a total of 150 photos received. The competition will no doubt attract even more enthusiasm next year.

Ilse Taylor organized great prizes for the competition, amongst which were an A3 print of each of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners of their winning photo on photo paper (donated by Camps Bay High School), plus R100 for 2nd prize winners.

Above: The winning photo in the Abstract category:
(Untitled), by Robin Taylor.

The winner in the Abstract category received a full colour A3 printer, sponsored by Hewlett Packard (HP);

Above: The winning photo in the Nature category:
"The Beauty of Imperfection", by Charissa Noble.

The winner of the Nature category received a tripod, donated by Camps Bay High School;

Above: The winning photo in the People category and Overall Winner:
"Husband and Wife", by Danielle Jacobson.

The winner of the People category received an A3 print of their photo in high definition on Art Gloss Paper, sponsored by ORMS Photography Printers and the overall winner received a 10-session Photography Course, sponsored by FAST FORWARD Photographic Studio.

Andrew Ingram, a past pupil and one of the four judges (consisting of Andrew Ingram, Zaan Claassens, Luke Dollimore and Kiri Roussopoulos), did the handover of the prizes while explaining the winner criteria of each photograph to the pupils. A slide show supported Andrew's talk showing all the photos in the final judges selection, with the pupils name attached. Andrew made special mention of ORMS, mentioning the professional quality of their staff and printing, and that it is a great place to shop, since they do not want to push one to buy equipment that one doesn't need!

The school wants to thank our art teacher, Lauren Schofield, and members of the Parent Liaison Body, Ilse Taylor and Alma Horn, for the time and effort they have put in; as well as the competition sponsors, Hewlett-Packard and ORMS for their generous offers.

Each of the winning 12 photographs will be framed and hung in the passage at the school. The overall purpose of stimulating pupils to use photography as a creative outlet has no doubt been achieved, and will be encouraged in the future with competitions being held each year. As such our collection of great photographs of pupils beautifying our walls will also increase and give pupils the opportunity to leave a legacy.

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