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CBHS Newsletter 11 - Oct '11

Dear Parents

The first two weeks of the Fourth Term have passed in a flash. This is the term where all the academic efforts of the year come to a head. We end the term with our final examinations. For the staff, we have our promotion meeting on the 7th December with an Inspector from the Department. Here she will decide who passes and who does not.

The programme for the term is now set. Exams start on the 16th November just under a month away.

So, how can you/we help your child to prepare for this final examination? Well, the Third Term report will have given you some indication as to where where any extra efforts are needed in terms of revision.

From the School’s side we are doing the following:

• The Tests and Assignments Calendar for the term was issued on Friday 21st October 2011. (This is now up on the Camps Bay High School blogspot and on Google Docs. To see it, please click ‹‹here››);

All Extra Lessons continue as per the programme issued last term (a copy of this is on website);

• Exam Timetable: This will be issued on Wednesday 26th October 2011;

• Assemblies: I am addressing academic matters in Assembly to focus attention on studies and the need to do well at school.

The focus so far has fallen on the need to complete a task successfully in a specific time frame. The big picture is one of correctly learning to assess how much time a project or assignment will take and to then start with enough time to finish by the deadline.

A recent example of this was the Grade 10 Biology Skeleton project. A pupil could not possibly have been able to complete the time-consuming and slow process of preparing an animal skeleton for display less than two weeks ahead of due date. Most pupils started researching this project four months prior to due date.

On a smaller scale, some pupil do not manage to finish tests and exams in the time allocated. Here too, they need to practise and intentionally work faster. They also need to leave work that they can’t do and first answer all the questions where they know the work very well, and can score marks easily. Mastering a task is one part of being competent, you also need to be able to demonstrate this competency in a particular time frame.


WEDNESDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2011 at 17h30

We are in the process of finalising the budget for 2012. The Governors will have a proposal ready by Monday 7th November, which can then be viewed at the school or mailed to you on request. We will also SMS you the proposed new school fees. This budget will be formally presented to parents on Wednesday 24th November at 17h30 in the School Hall. Parents will then vote on whether or not to accept this budget, and the school fees for 2012. All parents are welcome.

Sports  and Culture Awards:

Above: Guest speaker, soccer personality Sergio dos Santos, addressing the pupils and staff at the recent CBHS Sports and Culture awards ceremony

The first week of term saw the school celebrate our successes over the past year.

The week started with our Sports and Cultural Awards Dinner at Suikerbossie restaurant in Hout Bay. Historically, we separated this from the traditional ‘Prize Giving’ evening as it made it a very long evening which involved handing out all the Sports-, Cultural- and Academic awards at the same time. The evening was a chance for parents and pupils to applaud our top cultural and sporting achievers.

Well done to the Boys’ First Team Tennis and Boys’ First Team Rugby, both of which teams shared the Boys’ “Team of the Year” award. The Girls’ “Team of the Year” award went to the First Girls’ Soccer Team.

You can see the photos of the Sports and Cultural Awards event here.


Above: Proceedings started with the singing of the National Anthem

This event followed on Thursday evening. We were able to truly celebrate ‘Camps Bay’s Got Talent’, as we applauded our top academic achievers in each Grade. Between the awards we were treated to song, dance and drama items from our top performers. At the end of the evening we all really felt proud to be part of Camps Bay High as the whole school sang ‘Fame’ led by Alex McGregor and our Matric rock band ‘Fore Front’ led by the outgoing Head Prefect, Taylor Jackson.

You can see the photos of the Celebratory Awards evening here.

Matric Practicals:

The Matric Art, Drama and Music pupils displayed and performed their final practical exams last week. The Art marks were moderated up slightly. All three subjects received very positive comments from the moderating teams that visited the school.

You can see some fine examples of the artworks on display at the Grade 12 Art exhibition here.

To see photos of the Grade 12 Drama students, click here.

Matric Exams:

The Matric Exams started for most of the Matrics today when the whole country wrote the English paper. A small group of pupils doing Computers started last week. Now the Matrics write through to the 30th November 2011, when the last Camps Bay High pupil finishes with the Consumer Studies exam.

We have a number of teachers who are Matric markers and they will start marking on the 7th December.

Results can be collected from schools at midday on the 5th January 2011 (the exact time is still to be announced by the Western Cape Education Department). We feel that our pupils are well prepared and we are confident that they will do their best.

Prefects 2012:

Above, left to right: Deputy Head Prefect, Nicholas Ngcobo; Head Prefect: Matthew Harvey; Deputy Head Prefect: Saskia Schuldig

The prefects that were elected to lead the school in 2012 were announced at Celebration on Thursday evening. They have selected a Head Prefect in Matthew Harvey and two deputies, Nicholas Ngcobo and Saskia Schuldig.

Congratulations go to the following pupils who are our leadership team from now until this time next year. They have just returned from a Prefects Camp where they did their planning for their term of office.

The New CBHS Prefects are:

Matthew Harvey (Head Prefect)
Nicholas Ngcobo (Deputy
Saskia Schuldig (Deputy)
James Carney
Xolani Jelemsi
Githan Coopoo
Ben Samsodien
Danielle Van Duyn
Tomas Bruce-Chwatt
Amy Burger
Danielle Van Zyl
Megan Davies
Stephen Hagglund
Kyle Phillips
Fatima Mohamed
Desree Kubheka
Kathleho Phelane
Jessica Burger
Luke van der Spuy
Cole Krohn

Well done to all.




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