Tuesday, August 16, 2011

matthew harvey selected to carry the south african flag at 22nd world scout jamboree in sweden - august 2011

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Kristianstad, Sweden - attended by 40 061 scouts from 146 countries from around the globe (the largest ever!) - has come to a close. The South African contingent of well over 100 scouts from all over South Africa have all returned safely, having experienced different cultures, created memories, learned skills, attended Youth- and United Nations Youth Forums and made friendships for a lifetime.

This gathering of scouts occurs once every four years in different countries, with the next one to be held in Japan in 2015. It is at these World Scout Jamborees that young people transcend geographical, cultural and religious boundaries and are inspired to go home and make meaningful changes to their communities, environments and the world.

At the opening ceremony to this mammoth world youth event, each country carries on stage their national flag. At this, the 22nd Jamboree, Springbok Scouts Heather Fulton and Matthew Harvey (a pupil of Camps Bay High School) were selected from the South African contingent to carry the South African Flag onto the stage, in front of over 40 000 people. Both Heather and Matthew said with great pride “it was such an experience because as we ascended the stairs onto the huge stage, there was no doubt as to where the South African contingent was seated in the huge arena, as the noise from the vuvuzela's was deafening”. Harvey and Fulton stated it was the proudest moment of their lives!

Above, left to right: Heather Fulton and Matthew Harvey
(photo taken by Brian February, Head of Contingent for South Africa)

Above: World flags on 22nd World Jamboree stage

Above: The stage at the Opening Ceremony

Above: 38 0000 people gathered together to “celebrate and help create a better world”

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