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newsletter july 2010

JULY 2010

Dear Parents

The third term is now well under way with a number of school events behind us. Thank you to all the parents who made use of the two parent evenings in the first week back, to meet the teachers and discuss the second term reports. We have already begun extra tutoring for the Grade 12’s who did not pass all their subjects.

On our return to school we were pleased to learn that the Surf Trip to Mozambique and the Thailand trip had gone well and that everyone had returned safely. A big thanks to the teachers and parents who made these wonderful opportunities possible for our pupils. Both trips involved traveling a long way from home, and offered the pupils an incredible holiday and life experience.

Last weekend the Matrics enjoyed their Matric Dance. The Grade 12 Heads and Tutors threw a magical party at the Greek Club in Green Point. The theme of the evening was Ancient Greece and from the grand arrival of the pupils and their dates to the d├ęcor, food, photo’s and dancing, the evening was truly memorable.

All our sports teams have played matches already. On Saturday we had a number of home matches, playing all our rugby games against Plumstead (and winning them all). Other codes played away on the day.

The term opened with a brand new tuckshop. ‘Ardi’s’, the popular restaurant from Sea Point has opened a satellite at Camps Bay High. So parents, if you need a good cup of coffee after dropping off your child, pop into our revamped tuckshop. Ardi himself is often on site to help you, but if not his very capable and helpful staff are always present. Trading hours are from 7.30am to 4:30 or 5pm. However, when there are sports practices or other late afternoon activities at school he stays open later. The new tables and chairs have created a more restaurant feeling in the venue, along with a very attractive menu. Parents are often seen sitting enjoying a ‘burger and chips’ whilst watching sport on the field.

The Pool Update
Our old pool has gone, and the new wider, deeper water polo and gala compliant pool is in. The gunnite was completed last week, and now the contractors begin on the surrounds. They are currently still on track in terms of timing to have the pool ready for the start of the 4th term swimming season in early October. Let’s hold thumbs that the weather continues to favour our building programme.

World Cup Draw
We had our own Camps Bay High World Cup winners draw. Remember when we launched our support for Bafana Bafana and South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup? We asked each pupil to pay for ‘civvies on World Cup Fridays’. We also asked them to choose a winning team and Mrs Ashcroft sorted them into countries. On the first Friday of the term I drew out of all the pupils who said SPAIN, a first, second and third place winner. They were:
1st Sithembele Lavisa (R500)
2nd Fatima Ellemdeen (R200)
3rd Mpho Bongiso (R100)

It is always an honour when one of our players is recognized for their talent. Congratulations to Ntsika Shushu who was invited to attend the U17 Cricket South African Camp at Boland Park last week.

Camps Bay Goes Green
This week we have been a little greener than usual at Camps Bay. As part of our ‘Character Counts’ week, we have focused on ‘Tolerance’. To drive this idea we have promoted the ‘Green Skin Initiative’. Basically we have looked at what makes us the same, and how we can celebrate difference rather than fear it. To close this week we will be wearing green, and also putting on green face paint. At break there will be various activities to highlight these ideas. Ask your child what happened at school and start your own home discussion on ‘tolerance’. Also, feel free to sign the anti-xenophobia campaign with Unite as One:

School Play ‘NOISE OFF’
Included in this newsletter is information on our school play. This will be a most entertaining and enjoyable evening. The hall will be transformed into a theatre and the stage into an elaborate set. I would encourage you to make every effort to enjoy this play with us.

Strike Action
The public servants are embarking on a strike. We have 20 teachers who are paid for by the state, 10 of which have indicated they may consider striking. Next week Mr Mostert and myself will be away at a Principals Conference in Lesotho. Mr Tucker will manage the school, ably assisted by Mr Jenneke and Mrs Cronje. We will not be closing the school, but will manage the situation on a day to day basis by putting substitute governing body teachers into classes if and when a teacher is on strike. While we have sympathy for the teachers and their need for an inflation related increase, this is a critical time for the Matrics and they can’t afford to miss even one day of tuition. It really puts the public servants in a very difficult position. We are in a fortunate position with over half our staff employed by the school governing body. Schools with a staff comprised entirely of state employed teachers would have to close if they all went out on strike. This may change the education landscape next week if lots of schools are closing. We will monitor the situation closely and keep you informed of developments.

All students, parents and members of the Camps Bay community are invited and encouraged by Camps Bay High to attend the free HIV/AIDS testing which will take place on Thursday 5th August, in the school hall from 1pm to 4pm. Testing will be carried out by ‘New Start’ and will include both pre and post test counseling. All are welcome.

Academic Merit and Top 10 Awards
On Monday in Assembly we awarded our Academic Top 10 badges per grade and our Academic Merit badges based on Term 2’s results. Congratulations to the recipients. View the list ‹‹here››.


Netball vs San Souci
U14 won 10 – 4
U16A lost 7 – 9
U16B lost 6 – 9
U19 won 16 – 4
All the teams played very well. Well done Girls!

Soccer vs Harold Cressy (boys)
U18 Boys won 2 – 0
Tim Schumann and Gaizka Abaroa scored the goals.
Vs Queens Park (Boys)
U19 drew 0 – 0
U16 won 1 – 0
Vs Rustenberg (Girls)
U19 drew 0 – 0
An outstanding result as we fielded a Junior Team of Grade 8,9 and 10 pupils.

Yours sincerely


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