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CBHS SGB Newsletter Issue 01 - June 2010

The role of the School Governing Body is to support the Principal and teachers in ensuring that all the children receive a high standard of education in a supportive environment. In practical terms this means making decisions with regard to a wide range of policies and tracking the progress and direction taken by the school. The full School Governing Body meets every month; in addition to which all governors are attached to a number of sub-committees, which meet regularly throughout the year. The School Governing Body is composed of parents, educators, learners and members of the school community. The day-to-day running of the school is the responsibility of the Principal and should you have any suggestions or concerns they should first be discussed with your child’s subject teacher, grade head or the Principal, as appropriate.

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Welcome to the inaugural quarterly School Governing Body newsletter aimed at keeping you informed of the work your School Governing Body does. This newsletter will also be available on our website.

Running a school the size of Camps Bay High is complicated and labour intensive. The teaching body, ably led by Dave de Korte is of paramount importance. The hours of dedicated preparation and tuition by each teaching and ground staff member, has manifested itself into a beautiful looking campus, where an atmosphere of
learning thrives.

As important, but behind the scenes, is the running of the school. The maintenance, fields, finances, marketing and continual upgrading of the state’s assets, takes time and huge effort. This is where the School Governing Body is active almost on a daily basis. You will agree that all organisations require hands on involvement in all disciplines from cash flow to marketing in order to exist efficiently and develop and grow. Our finances are professionally managed by a well-oiled administrative machine.

Over the last few months the governors have been busy with the planned upgrade of the tuck shop, the refurbishment of the swimming pool, the development of the website and social media mechanisms, the continual plumbing issues, establishing the Parent Liaison Body, disciplinary hearings, 5-year plans etc. etc.

I am certain this newsletter will keep you abreast with what’s going on with your Camps Bay High School Governing Body. Read it with interest and please contact us with your comments and queries.

Eddy Cassar (Chair)


By now, we all realise that the recession is far from over. In fact, the current situation is probably worse than it was last year. The economic growth is at its lowest in years, the unemployment figures have deteriorated even further, the economic situation is turning for the worse in Europe and it appears that this will not improve in the remainder of this year. Even the celebration of having the World Cup in South Africa will not have the economic upswing as predicted. These financial crises have affected many of our parents and at Camps Bay High School we have noticed this. It has come to our attention that a number of parents have either made no attempt to settle the outstanding school fees due, neither have they applied for financial assistance.

Please understand that the financial assistance offered is for those parents in need. We are there to help and not add to their financial difficulties. We urge parents who find themselves in this position to make an appointment with the assistance of the bursar or treasurer who will gladly guide them through the process. This is a painless exercise and it will be to the benefit not only to the parents but also to the school. Remember that the school is an important part of your child’s upbringing and that these measures are there to ensure that the standard of the school remains high.

It’s the right thing to do.

Eugene Malan


The refurbishment of the school pool is in its final phase of stringent documentation and design specifications, which has required the services of many professionals to meet the requirements of the Department of Education’s protocols. We are in the final stages of fine-tuning design and costings. The awarding of the tender will take place shortly.

Buildings and Grounds
In order to put a refurbishment and maintenance plan in place, a detailed audit of the Camps Bay High School facilities that include the roof, water reticulation, windows, sewerage, ablutions etc has been commissioned. The intention is to formulate a program and associated costs to address these issues which, with the assistance and support of the Department of Education, will ensure the good health of the school facilities in the coming years.

Colin Harvey / Vic van Heerden


Tuck shop
From the beginning of the third term 2010 Ardi Hagglund will run the Camps Bay High School tuck shop. The decision to offer an improved selection of hot meals and a wider variety of products, as well as extended opening times to our learners and staff has brought about this change. Motivated by the long hours learners and staff spend at the school, the need for a breakfast service from 7.30 am, as well as the request for meals available in the late afternoon before and after sports practice until 4.30 pm was addressed. The price structure of items on sale will cater for all pockets and allow parents to pop in for a cup of coffee and cake while enjoying the view during sport practice.

It is also envisaged that this facility will be regarded by the Camps Bay High School learners, friends and family as a ‘safe’ meeting zone, offering sport TV and eventually a Wi-Fi zone where learners can ‘chill’ while friendly gatherings can take place during and after school.

Ardi will be servicing the tuck shop needs at sporting, cultural and other school gatherings – a much-needed facility which was always well supported by the learners and parents in the past. Also on offer will be a catering service to the school for functions on a quote basis. The new tuck shop hours are from Mon – Fri from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm. We look forward to a well-supported and successful tuck shop with Ardi’s at Camps Bay High School.

Front Garden
Two new low walls are to be constructed in the front façade garden and entrance to the school, which will carry the name of the school. This is with the support and written permission of the City Parks Department and will be the finishing touch to our beautiful new look façade and garden.

Renewed school lease on La Med field
A formal application has been made to the Department of Education who has entered into negotiations with the City of Cape Town Public Works Department for the ‘long’ lease renewal over this field. All indications are that this is progressing well and there should be no reason why we will not be successful in this regard.

Clothing shop
The clothing shop pricing review and service offer is complete. Sally Preen is taking over the reigns of the clothing shop from the third term.

Michéle Harvey


Information & looking forward
The PLB (Parent Liaison Body) was created when Camps Bay High School identified the need for additional communications amongst parents, staff and learners, which is vital to the success of our school. The PLB is not a decision-making body, nor is it involved in the management of the school and only assist the school by developing school ambiance, meeting the school ethos and promote school achievements. We also develop a platform to enhance the community spirit and build relationships between parents, learners, staff and the community. We would like to source a base of parents with special skills and resources to assist the many needs for Camps Bay High School academic, sport, social or events. We organize social and other functions in close relation with staff and various committees. We provide a forum to facilitate parent participation in the school by offering advice and feedback to the Principal, staff and governors. We have had wonderful feedback and support from many parents and currently have about 24 members on board. Please contact Simoné Segall on 082 378 1185 with your skills or resources on offer.

Refreshments at Functions
This is gathering momentum. We will continue to offer support and service to all sporting and cultural activities at Camps Bay High School, and now in liaison with Ardi’s from the third term. We are going a long way to meet the objective of creating a platform for parent involvement and a great community buzz that proves to be an enormous success with all learners and parents. If you wish to participate or join us please do not hesitate to contact Simoné Segall.

Entrance upgrade
The PLB is embarking on a comprehensive project to build on the upgraded garden façade and aims to bring fun and colour to the entrance and corridors of the school. This will include the upgrading of the entrance with pots & plants, flowers and lollipop trees and a new mat to create a more welcoming setting.

Corridor upgrade
Camps Bay High School has over the years had a diverse and very skilled body of visual artists. A project launches in the third term of 2010 to capture this energy and creative spirit and enhance the school corridors with a display of this talent. Not only will this showcase current learners’ artwork but will also tap into the multi-faceted talents of our past pupils. Each piece of art will be titled and the artist credited for the work of art next to the picture or photo. Any past learners or current learners who are willing to offer their art for this purpose, either as the original piece or to be photographed, will be welcomed and should contact Simoné Segall.

The PLB will welcome any parents who wish to offer their services to assist with sport coaching at the school. Please contact Simoné Segall.

Simoné Segall


2010 Initiative
The most memorable highlight, which sprouted from Camps Bay High School’s marketing department, was no doubt the three schools’ 2010 Soccer Initiative that took place in the Quad on 30 April 2010. At the assembly, attended by parents, past learners, special invited key guests and community members; the banners were unveiled for the launch of the initiative that benefits the African Brothers Football Academy. A photograph of the learners from all three schools, gathering in the form of a soccer player on the field, appeared in the Cape Argus. The events of the day were covered by various newspapers and noted as a fantastic function that left many with goose bumps and a few tears!

The communication at Camps Bay High School has taken on a new dimension due to a new website (, blog (, Flickr photo page (, our sms campaigns and our weekly ‘What’s On’ updates on Twitter (available on the website). We urge you to follow these updates and become involved in your child’s life at school. The internal communication to learners has been greatly improved through some newly renovated communication boards in the corridors that provide useful information on sport, academic, cultural and general notices. These are kept updated regularly with fixtures, timetables, events and exciting news. From the third term parents who have access to email, will in future also receive the school fortnightly newsletter on email.

Alma Horn / Vivienne Ashcroft


This body is a Representative Council of Learners elected by their peers from Gr 8 through to Gr 12. It is the only legitimate body of learners representing the learners in the school and sit in on all School Governing Body meetings. They form a partnership between the SGB and the Principal of the school by bringing thoughts and views of learners and also ensure a flow of information from the SGB and Principal back to learners. They work on projects to enhance the environment and health for learners.

Banner and Bumper sticker Competition
This competition was launched to all Camps Bay High learners, with the brief to capture the essence of Camps Bay in the form of a slogan or a colour drawing. The winning designs and slogan will be reproduced in a the form of a bumper sticker to be sold to learners to raise awareness of our beautiful school and into banners which will be printed and used as ‘pull-ups’ at school functions. The closing date of the competition has been extended to the end of July 2010 with prize money of R1,000.00 for the winning entry.

Hair Policy
The learners of Camps Bay High School have formally requested that the SGB and teacher body review the school’s hair policy. It was agreed that a student poll be devised for learners to select what the majority believe would be an acceptable hair policy. The findings appeared reasonable and the hair policy has been adjusted on their request, keeping specific guidelines on a trial basis. This will be reviewed at the end of the year by the SGB before it becomes formal policy. Mr Jenneke and Mrs Cronjé will report these details to you. From the third term the girls’ hair will revert back to all hair being tied back and hair out of the face.

Fire Fighting Certificates
All RCL members went on a fire fighter’s course at SAFMA on 11 March 2010 and received certificates from the course in the last assembly of this term. This was inspired by the desire for the RCL to learn critical skills in dealing with emergencies and to be of aid to the school learners and community if necessary. The course proved to be very successful and will be offered annually to all RCL members.

Grade 8 and 9 Exam Guideline Booklet
A booklet was produced by the RCL to assist all Gr 8 and 9 learners on study techniques and exam preparation. This was very well received by all learners and will be produced again for the end of year exams. In addition, presentations from key teachers to learners in grade groups, which will have additional study methods, tips and skills, will be also presented for use in exam preparation.
Nicholas Harvey


From left to right: Colin Harvey, Vivienne Ashcrof, Dave de Korte, Alma Horn, Michéle Harvey, Louis Mostert, Simoné Segall, Ettie Cronje, Eddy Cassar, Eugene Malan, Victor van Heerden

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