Thursday, April 15, 2010

newsletter 15 april 2010

Perceptions are very strong, and at present as a country we are taking some blows in terms of our international standing. This is due to our current political leaders and their public policies, utterances and actions. For our youth, these role models are modeling the wrong behaviour and conduct. The responsibility of being good role models falls to us the parents and teachers in this country. Our corner of influence is Camps Bay High School and our school community and here we need to keep true to our core values and ideals. Our motto is ‘Strength in Diversity’.

We acknowledge we are different in so many ways, but these differences make us strong. They bring a richness to our community, as long as we honour and respect each person for who they are. The concept of ‘ubuntu’, ‘I see you as a person’. This must be our message, loud and clear, to drown out the call for our regression in racism. My hope is and has always been that the new South Africa we now enjoy will be strengthened in some small way each year by our class of Matriculants who enter our adult society. These are the new South Africans who must take over our countries leadership, believing that there is …… ‘Strength in Diversity’.

On 26th March 2010, the 1st team Rugby boys left for their tour to Graaff-Reinet. That afternoon we were allocated to our rooms and then trained for the game the following day.
The next day we played our first game agains HoĆ«rskool Andrew-Rabie. It was a tough game and strong defense was need by the team. After a hard tiring game we lost 17 – 6, Man of the Match was Ya’eesh Holiday. After some team building we were feeling confident going into the game against Port Alfred. This time we pulled through to win the game 14 – 6, Man of the Match was Sonele Landu. Kyle Horn scored well with his kicking throughout the tour. Thank you to Mr Becker and Mr Cottle for an amazing tour.

This week the focus in the tutor classes has been on taking a pledge to be ‘Drug Free’. The idea is that we ask the ‘silent majority’ of children to make a decision to live a life that is ‘Drug Free’. We feel it helps them to make this choice in this way rather than at a party where they are suddenly passed a joint and now must think if they want to take a drug or not. It encourages the children to be intentional about how they want to live. I am including the pledge form below for you to have a look at. The school drug policy is on our website.

All children under the age of 15 will have brought a letter home informing you of this campaign. I am including the covering letter from the Education Department for your further information. The date set for this is the 20th April 2010. If you want your child immunised then you must fill in the consent form at the bottom of the letter.

SOCCER 2010:
The three schools are planning an exciting programme for next term to launch ‘Soccer Fever’ at the Camps Bay Schools. The objective is to create a memorable year for all three schools to get involved and share in the enthusiasm of Soccer World Cup 2010. We will be using Soccer World Cup as a learning platform and extend the programme into the classroom in which children will learn about some of the countries participating. The three schools will be launching their unique soccer initiative at a special assembly in the High School’s enclosed quad on Friday 30 April 2010 at 12h00. All parents are invited to attend the launch and participate in the activities.
During the month of May we have declared every Friday “Football Friday” and for R2 children will be allowed to dress in a weekly-designated soccer theme (e.g. the colours of your team that you are supporting). The monies collected will be split between the charity that we will be supporting, “African Brothers Football Academy” in Hout Bay, and prize money for a special competition for the learners that the schools will be running. Every learner will be given the opportunity to predict who he/she thinks will be the winning team of the 2010 Soccer World cup and the winner(s) names will be placed in draw and the prize-winners will be announced at a special function after the event at the beginning of term 3. Please diarise 30 April 2010. We will provide you with more information on this exciting event next term – WATCH THIS SPACE!

The programme for Friday 30 April 2010 is as follows : The three Camps Bay Schools will meet in the High School Quad at 12h00 where an exciting assembly will take place to launch the schools' 2010 Soccer initiative. After Assembly, the schools will meet on the field for a combined photograph.

Yours Sincerely

D De Korte


Interhouse Plays: 15/16 April
UCT Maths Competition: 20 April
Grade 10 Adventure Camp: 21 –23 April
School Holiday/Freedom Day: 26/27 April
Young Historians Meeting: 28 April @ 18h00 In Seminar A
Camps Bay World Cup launch: 30 April @ 12h00
Careers Evening: 5 May
Westerford Derby: 8th May
Grade 10 Musical Recital: 11 May
Founders Day Assembly: 14 May
Exams Start & Finish: 17 May – 4 June
Grade 10 Community Service & Grade 11 Work Experience: 8 – 11 June
HOLIDAYS: 9 June – 13 July

Please support our Interhouse Plays which take place on 15th and 16th April @ 19h00 in the school hall. There will be a full Tuckshop selling Burgers & Chips as well. Hope to see as many parents and pupils as possible. These plays are directed and written by the pupils.

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