Wednesday, January 27, 2010

waterpolo boys camp

The senior boys waterpolo team went on a training ("staaldraad") camp to Onrus Rivier on the first weekend of the term. With there not being a swimming pool in Onrus, Mr. Cottle had to do his very specialist "staaldraad" swimming coaching in the Hawston swimming pool. With this being a public pool all swimming training had to be done before 10h00 everyday, which meant that everyone had to rise quite early. After a surf in the afternoons after lunch there was hectic training on the beach at the Onrus lagoon.

The fruits of such an intense weekend of training has paid off and the first team beat Pinelands today with a score of 8 - 2. Junior team won there first match ever played by 6 - 2.

Congratulations for Mr. Cottle for coaching and than you to Mr. Becker for driving and Mr. Cawood for coordinating and cooking and inspiring.

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