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CBHS Newsletter 1 - Jan '13

18 January 2013

Dear Parents

Welcome to the start of 2013. We have already run a few days of classes and your child should have their books, and some homework already. Work has started, and on Monday the Sports Programme starts with after-school activities. The First Term Sports Timetable can be found ‹‹here››.

Matric Results 2012:

I am very happy with the excellent results that our top performing pupils achieved. We achieved a total of 109 subject A’s, which is very similar to last year. In fact our pass rate last year was 97,1% and this year 96.8%. Rudolph de Girardier was our top achiever with an 89.1% average and six subject A’s.

The statistics give us nine "A" symbols, twenty "B" and thirty-three "C" symbols.

Some big performers were Fatima Mohammed, Rudolf de Girardier and Kieron van der Laar all of whom scored above 90% for Maths;
History celebrated ten A’s with Rudolf de Girardier on 95%;
Sapphra Abayomi achieved 89% for Art, narrowly missing 90% for the subject;
An impressive 32% of the Art Class attained an "A" symbol;
In Accounting, Kieron van der Laar achieved 90%, and Lyandra Jones came close with 89%;
In Geography, Denham Preen managed 95% and Kieron van der Laar 91%;
Drama also performed well with 32% of the class achieving A's and Sesane Seally and Luke van der Spuy both received 91%;
In Science we were delighted with the eight subject A's and the top performances of Fatima Mohammed on 95%, and with Kieron van der Laar and Rudolf de Girardier both coming in above 90%;
Economics also managed to get three pupils above 90%: Nicholas Ngcobo (95%), Luke van der Spuy (93%) and Stephen Hagglund (91%);
Our first Matric Dance Class did so well with all the pupils passing and two A's.

At the other end of the scale, we were disappointed that four of our pupils failed. We are hoping that they will pass on either the re-mark, or by actually re-writing the subjects they failed in the Supplementary Exams to be held in February.


I am pleased to be able to welcome three new teachers for this year. They are Mr Howell, as the new Counsellor, Ms Fawcett in Arts and Culture and Mr Mileham in Business Studies.

Mr Davey left at the very end of last year to take a post at a private school that serves the poorest of the poor. He has always wanted to work with children from this kind of background and so when the opportunity came, he jumped at it. We held a farewell Assembly for him today (Friday 18th January 2013) See the photos of this event ‹‹here›› .

A Reminder of The Rules:
Just some reminders regarding the School's rules...

Fetching and Carrying:
When dropping or fetching your child, by car, you may not drive onto the school grounds between 07h30 and 08h00, and again between 14h10 and 15h00 in the afternoon. All our pupils need to walk on the driveway when arriving and leaving from school, and having cars present at these times is very unsafe.

Dress Code:
Skinny chinos are not acceptable school uniform. We have noted this new fashion trend and the RCL approached the School Governing Body to consider this as uniform. The Governors have, after due consideration, turned down this request and so said skinny chinos are not part of the CBHS School Uniform. Tattoos seem to be very popular, however, no pupil may have a visible tattoo while in school uniform or while in casual clothes attending a school function.

We are introducing a minimum half-hour detention class after school for late coming on the day the pupil is late. We are hoping that this will motivate the habitual late-comers to arrive on time. If a pupil has a note from their parents giving a legitimate reason why they are late, then they will not have to do detention.

Mind the Gap and Careers Evening:

This is a reminder that this series of parent education talks recommences next week Tuesday 22 January. These talks are a must for all parents to discuss issues relating to teenagers today.

The programme is as follows:
Alcohol Use and Abuse – 22 January
Technology and Teens – 19 February
Teen Sex and Sexuality – 12 March
Drug Abuse – 26 March

Careers Evening:
Our annual Careers Evening will be held at Camps Bay High School on Tuesday 5 February. Parents and learners are encouraged to visit the tertiary institution exhibition and the talks by experts in various career fields.

Term Programme:

The First Term Programme is on the reverse side of (the printed version of) this newsletter. To see the on-line version, click ‹‹here››. We have made some small changes since the end of last term, and so this is the most up-to-date version.

Matric parents and pupils must please attend the Matric Meeting next week on 23rd January at 17h30. It will take just one hour and all will be home in time for supper.

All the best for a great 2013.




A Note from Nolly:

I just wanted to tell you the great news, one of my songs has been nominated for a Metro Fm award under the "Best Collaboration" category. The public get to vote and if I could get the Camps Bay High pupils and their family and friends voting that would mean a lot to me.
The voting details are: sms COLLABORATION, “Miza ft Noluthando Meje” to 34764.

Thank you!

Noluthando Meje
(an ex-Idol and pupil at CBHS)

 please contact Karen Judge on 021-438-1611 or 082-468-6044

Employment Offered:

Position: Administrator / Bookings Secretary (a Part-time position, working from home)
A professional firm of Industrial Psychologists operating in the field of medico-legal consulting is looking for an experienced Administrator to handle all telephone and e-mail bookings with attorneys/advocates plus some general admin. Good PC- and organisational skills are a given requirement and excellent communication skills are essential, as this is the front-line person for the Association. This is a position that involves only approx 4-8 hours full time work per week but at the same time requires a person who is available for the normal office hours to take calls/schedule appointments etc. Also needs to be fully set up with a PC and internet at home but will have a business cell phone provided. This is a position for a person in their own business / stay-at-home mom who wants to add to their income or earn a small income. Please call Deborah Atkins on 021-438-2456 / 082-453-9105 or e-mail her with a motivation on

Private Tuition in English and Afrikaans:
please contact Anne Townsend on 021-461-9968 or 072-390-3842 or visit my website at

House Keeper:
Cathy is looking for a full-time job as a housekeeper. Please contact her on 071-953-6633

Professional Maintenance and Services
All those little things you just don’t have time to do! NO JOB TOO SMALL!
Free quotes and guaranteed workmanship.
Please call: Charles on 021-674-1763 or 082-468-4198
or Howard on 072-600-9575

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