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CBHS Newsletter 10 - Dec '12

7th December 2012

Dear Parents

This is the eighth and final Camps Bay High School's Newsletter for 2012. We were very happy with the pupils overall performance in these final exams. There were very few who will have to repeat their grades. On the other hand, many pupils ended the year with outstanding results.

We have just heard that Danielle Jacobson (Grade 11) has been announced as one of the Nationals winners of the Science Expo. She will now travel overseas next year to compete internationally. Congratulations to her!

Staff News:

At the end of the year it is always sad to say farewell to some teachers:

Ms Marlene Waltke, a student teacher from Germany has taught here for six months as part of the practical teaching component of her degree. She has taught Physical Education and Sport and has been a wonderful addition to the staff.

Mr Thomas Reisenberger returned in the Fourth Term after his round-the-world trip. He has filled in as a Maths teacher and also ran the ‘What’s The Big Idea’ project. As before, Mr Reisenberger, brought a lot of energy and interest into the classes he taught. Next year he begins his work as a lawyer.

Mr Bryn O’Reilly has been the counselor at Camps Bay High School for the last three years. In this position he has helped many pupils through counseling. He will be returning to University to continue with his studies towards qualifying as a psychologist. He has made an extremely valuable contribution to the school and will be sorely missed. We wish him all the best for 2013.

School Fees for 2013:

Please note that the school fees have been revised for next year. To see the new schedule of school fees for 2013, please click here:

Camps Bay High School's Top Fifteen:

The top fifteen students in each Grade for these exams are included below for your interest. Well done to these hard working pupils!:

Grade 11:
1.      Andrea Colomobo  
2.      Danielle Jacobson
3.      Samantha Osner  
4.      Ankia Visser 
5.      Kathryn Byrnes  
6.      Mayhew Steyn 
7.      Andy van den Berg 
8.      Waleed Isaacs 
9.      Mvelisi Mvandaba 
10.     Asonezwa Sitwebile 
11.     Luke Cassar 
12.    Benji Resnik 
13.    Miguel Inocentes 
14.    Soshanna Rudnick 
15.    Nicholas Claasens 

Grade 10:
1.      Maxine Beimel
2.      Yahui Xu
3.      Gabi Forence
4.      Kiyan Van Rensburg
5.      Bevan Geyser
6.      Alison Green
7.      Oliver de Bruin
8.      Cullam Geyser
9.      Shannon Florence
10.    Thomas Carstens
11.    Natan Brittz
12.    Fabio Fehr
13.    Maya Greyling
14.    Guinevere Shapiro
15.    Lolwethu Gubu

Grade 9:       
1.      Allegra Liltved 
2.      Jessica Way
3.      Kelly Gloiver 
4.      Zoe Gadeyne 
5.      Hannah Fagan 
6.      Mohammed Mota 
7.      Laylah Sujee 
8.      Alexia Abramson 
9.      Katelyn Jones 
10.    La’eeqoh Mohamed 
11.    Anna Tchalov
12.    Sara Davids 
13.    Connor de Wet 
14.    Isabella Hulme 
15.    Elena Piller 

Grade 8:
1.      Tobie Steyn
2.      Kylie Brittz
3.      Ubayd Bassier
4.      Ashleigh Pearce
5.      Jemma Cook
6.      Lola Dollimore
7.      Oscar van der Spuy
8.      Siphosethu Fanti
9.      Jenna Glover
10.    Asemahle Mgogoshe
11.    Mihlali Makunga
12.    Roos Bakker
13.    Vicky Knott
14.    Caitlin Stoffels
15.    Thamir Southgate

Next year starts on the 16th January and all pupils must be here at 07h55. They must arrive in the correct uniform, well groomed and equipped with the stationery needed to start work immediately. The first term programme is included for your planning. Also is a schedule of the school fees and some payment options.

I hope you all enjoy a well earned rest in the holidays and return rested and ready for the start of the new year.



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