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CBHS Newsletter 6 - Jul '12

Dear Parents

The Third Term is the time for pupils to really get serious about their work. Everyone has written an exam and received the results so that plans can be made and adjustments can be based on this.

For the pupils who want to improve their academic performance, the school does offer an array of help. This comes by way of the following:

The subjects listed below offer regular extra lessons after school at no cost to assist pupils who need help. For subjects not listed below, extra lessons will be offered when pupils request them:

Grade 12 - Ms Jogi - Day still to be decided

Grade 12
- Mr Cawood - Wednesday
Grade 11
- Mrs de Vries - Tuesday and Thursday
Grade 10
- Mrs Cronje - Wednesday
Grade 8
- Ms Olivier - Wednesday

Grade 12
- Mr Mostert - Thursday
Grade 11
- Mr Mostert - Wednesday
Grade 10
- Mr Mostert - Tuesday
Grade 9
- Mr Mostert - Monday
Grade 8
- Ms Robbertze - Thursday

Grade 12
- Ms Kawalsky - Friday

All Grades
- Ms Le Chat - Monday
Grade 12
- Ms Le Chat - Wednesday

Grade 12
- Ms Bele - Monday
Grade 11
- Ms Bele - Thursday

Life Sciences:
Grade 12
- Ms Parker - Wednesday

Consumer Science:
Grade 12
- Ms Samu - Day still to be decided


The annual Science Expo was held at Camps Bay High School on Thursday, 19 July 2012. Ten projects have been selected to represent Camps Bay High School at the Cape Town Expo for Young Scientists at the Good Hope Centre on 21 - 23 August 2012.

To see the photos of this event, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click here.


A number of tours and camps took place in the holidays and this last weekend. The following reports are included for your interest:

Soccer Tour to Bloemfontein:

Goal Scorers: Leah Cotton, Faakirah Bassidien and Marcelle Esterhuizen

The U/19 Soccer Girls went on tour to Bloemfontein in order to participate in the Brebner High School Girls U/19 Soccer Festival, which took place from 23rd June 2012 until 25th June 2012.

Brebner High School hosted the first annual Girls U/19 Soccer Festival at their school and invited Camps Bay High to participate. This was a great opportunity for our girls to compete against teams from other cities. They hosted this tournament in order to promote girls soccer in South Africa. They accommodated us with open arms at Brebner hostel and the girls learnt quickly to adapt to the ways and means of living in a school residence.

To see the photos of this soccer tour, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click here.

Tour Scores

2-0 Lost (Brebner)
1-0 Won (Sasol) Goalscorer: Leah
1-1 Drew (Benoni) Goalscorer: Faakirah
0-0 Drew
5-3 Lost (Brebner) Goalscorers: Faakirah, Marcelle

Our girls ended up fourth out of six schools and played with so much passion and dedication. We had a great time in Bloemfontein and endured the cold, with all the excitement of the actual matches, fun at the Spur Restaurant, visiting the Waterfront and meeting the Bloemfontein Celtic PSL players.

Miss Olivier

CBHS First Team Rugby Tour to East London:

The First team rugby boys embarked on their first tour to East London in the June holidays. After flying into the 1970’s styled East London airport the boys settled into their accommodation along the Eastern Beach.

The first match was against the Raptors a composite side made up from three schools in the greater East London region. A tight match was won 10-7 with Storm Fisher being the lone try scorer.

The boys had a lot of down time which was spent doing numerous activities like, touch-rugby on the beach, ten-pin bowling, 4D simulations, malling, playing pool and a lot of Frieslanding (ask any First Team Rugby player, and he’ll explain the term to you…).

The second match was a far better performance and the boys ran out comfortable 17-5 winners against Port Alfred High, with Chad-Lee Cloete and Masibulele Masekwana scoring tries.

Special mention should be made of the Man of the Match for both games:
For the first match, this was Yamkela Mahlangabeza and for the second match, Ntsika Shushu. Both team members played excellent games! Cole Krohn (captain) was named as the Player of the Tournament for his outstanding play and leadership on and off the field.

After four days of fun, rugby and many laughs, it was time to head back to the wet and cold weather of Cape Town. A great time was had by all.

To see more photos of this rugby tour, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click here.

Jacques Becker and Dean Cottle

Drama Excursion to Grahamstown:

On the very cold and very dark morning of the 8th of July 2012, the Grade 12 Drama Class embarked on the long journey to the Arts Festival capital of South Africa, Grahamstown. The aim of our trip: a week filled with innovative productions and inspiring workshops.

The annual Grahamstown Arts Festival is a hub of artistic creativity and is world-renowned, brimming with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and to view theatre of all genres. It is this environment and these opportunities that most believe feeds and nurtures our souls.

This is exactly what we did for a week. We walked. We laughed. We met and engaged with people from all walks of life. We rid ourselves of our inhibitions and opened our hearts and minds to new learning experiences. We gained new perspectives. We listened to the masters in their fields. We discussed the core of what makes good theatre and how to develop our ideas. We laughed along with the likes of Rob van Vuuren and James Cairns. We listened tentatively to the likes of Tara Knotgutt, Yvette Hardie and Nick Boraine. We marvelled at the visual brilliance of Andrew Buckland and the artistic direction of Rob Murray. We ate. We slept. We cried. We observed. We danced. We lived. And ultimately, we nurtured our souls. The Grahamstown Arts Festival was an opportunity for us to grow as performers, creators, directors, writers and all in all better-rounded people.

To see more photos of this excursion, on the Camps Bay High School photo site on Flickr, click here.

Lindy Kawalsky

Music Camp at Franschhoek:

The music Department had their yearly camp at the Franschhoek Travellers Lodge. It is a time when we celebrate talent and the company of our fellow musicians.

On Friday we rehearsed for four hours and on Saturday for seven hours. Guitar players’ fingers were sore, Wind players were out of breath and piano players’ necks hurt. The students were an absolute joy to have around and I thoroughly enjoyed their spunky personalities. Thank you to Mr Grobler for driving us and Mr Cawood for working out our menu.

Mia Martins


Following on from the exams, we include the Top 15 Pupils of each Grade.
Congratulations to all of these pupils, who’se results reflect a lot of hard and disciplined work:

Steyn Tobie 87.56%
Brittz Kylie 84%
Cook Jemma 83.44%
Van der Spuy Oscar 82.56%
Bassier Ubayd 80.33%
Pearce Ashleigh 79.78%
Dollimor Lola 79.98%
Stoffels Caitlin 78.22%
Bakker Roos 77.89%
Kantas Anastasia 77.78%
Glover Jenna 77.67%
Knott Vicky 77.44%
Southgate Thamir 76.44%
Fanti Siphosethu 76.33%
Mgogoshe Asemahle 76.33%

Liltved Allegra 92.67%
Way Jessica 88.33%
Glover Kelly 88.33%
Fagan Hannah 87.89%
Gadeyne Zoe 85.56%
Sujee Laylah 82.89%
Davids Sara 82.56%
Mohamed La’eeqoh 81.67%
De Wet Connor 80.22%
Jones Katelyn 80.11%
Tschalov Anna 77.89%
Piller Elena 77.67%
Jackson Connor 77.67%
Abramson Alexia 77%
Dean James 76.78%

Beimel Maxine 86.57%
Green Alison 86.14%
Van Rensburg Kiyan 85.57%
Geyser Cullam 84.86%
Florence Gabi 83.43%
Geyser Bevan 83.29%
Brittz Natan 80.71%
Florence Shannon 80.14%
Fehr Fabio 78.71%
McIver Nicole 78.14%
Gubu Lolwethu 78.14%
Mohamed Zaynab 78%
Shapiro Guinevere 78%
De Bruin Oliver 77.57%
Schumann Sarah 76.57%

Colomobo Andrea 90.29%
Jacobson Danielle 88.29%
Visser Ankia 84.43%
Byrnes Kathryn 82.86%
Osner Samantha 82%
Steyn Mayhew 80.57%
Van der Berg Andy 78%
Isaacs Waleed 77.57%
Gulwa Kanya 76.71%
Cassar Luke 75%
Inocentes Miguel 75%
Horn Nicole 74.29%
Witten Dane 74.29%
Claassens Nicholas 74.14%
Liltved Mikaela 73.57%

De Girardier Rudolph 88.57%
Van de Laar Kieron 84.57%
Seally Sesane 84.57%
Van der Spuy Luke 83.43%
Mohamed Fatima 83.14%
Vaisanen Rebekka 81.43%
Burger Jessica 80.71%
Burger Amy 80.14%
Jones Lyandra 79.71%
Bruce-Chwatt Tomas 79.57%
Hagglund Stephen 78.86%
Ngcobo Nicholas 77.43%
Laires Samantha 77.14%
Schlemmer Lucia 76.29%
Jelemsi Xolani 75.71%


We have issued the Third Term Calendar (online here) with the report. However, let me mention some forthcoming highlights for this term:

3 – 5 Aug:
Grade 12 Afrikaans Camp at Stanford

14 Aug:
Parent Seminar on Career Guidance for your children at 18h00. All welcome. Speaker: Annette Miller (See the advert at end of newsletter). Don’t miss this one!

22 Aug: 

Western Cape Science Expo, where a number of our pupils will have their work displayed

23 – 25 Aug: 

FAME (School Musical)

25 Aug:

Derby Day against Groote Schuur High School, played at home

1 Sept: 

Past Pupils' Matches

1 Sept:
Camps Bay High School Matric Dance!

7 – 8 Sept:
Grade 11 Fashion Show

12 – 14 Sept:
Grade 9 Camp

25 – 27 Sept:
Grade 10 Camp; Grade 11 Work Experience

27 Sept:
Grade 8 – 11 Parent Evening
(Parents may collect written school reports from 17h00 – 19h00)


There have been some exciting developments:

Water Pipes and the Closed Quad:
As mentioned earlier, we have been granted money from the Department of Education to replace our main underground water pipes. This project will begin later this term. One of the areas that we need to dig up is the closed quad. After this project is complete we will have a new surface in this quadrangle.

New Classrooms:
We also spoke at the parent meeting about long term plans to build two new classrooms and a Cultural Centre for the Drama classes. The School Governors took another step closer to take this project to the next level to get professional plans and costing for this project. Thus far, it appears that we can afford to achieve this with our current financial resources and reserves.


The sport fixtures have been published (online here) as well as the Test and Project Assignment calendar (here). We are all set for the Third Term. I encourage you to take part in the school programme by supporting the cultural and sporting events this term.

Yours sincerely





Undecided About Your Future Career or Your Subject Choices?
Don't Miss the Following Talk by Annette Miller!

The talk is appropriate for pupils of Grades 8 to 12 and their Parents.

Annette Miller who runs a highly successful practice in Career Guidance will be visiting Camps Bay High School on Tuesday, 14 August 2012 at 18h00. The talk will take place in the Seminar Room.

Annette is well known for personality assessment of children and adults and gives very detailed career guidance. She is well equipped to advise on various tertiary institutions and careers.

The talk will focus on Career choices in the 21st Century and what parents and pupils need to know and understand about places of learning, career and working.

To see another blog entry on this forthcoming talk, click here.

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In addition: Group lessons allow friends, siblings and classmates to experience the fun and joy of singing and playing music together in Camps Bay.
For more info contact us via Cell: 079-846-2079 or 076-889-2290 or via e-mail at: Studio.d.arte.capetown@gmail.com.

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