Thursday, May 10, 2012

CBHS RCL Mission - May '12

The RCL (Representative Council of Learners) is a student-elected body that stands as the representative voice of each of its members' respective grades. Three representatives are elected from each grade by their respective grades, and they remain RCL representatives throughout the year.

The RCL seeks to promote the school's image at public events and displays, and we strive for open lines of communication between us and the pupils in our grade with regards to matters concerning life at CBHS and how the learners feel it can be improved, or what they feel should be addressed.

Our primary focus and drive for 2012 is recycling. Our ultimate goal is to embed recycling as a way of life in the CBHS family, and to encourage the school to do the same by spreading the initiative to friends and family. We believe strongly in the importance of recycling and the relevance and subsequent reality it holds to not only our school but to our planet, which is why we openly accept ideas from anybody in Camps Bay High School who wishes to share their ideas.

We will be hosting a conference (currently dated for 21 July 2012) where other schools and their RCL bodies will be invited to attend, and we will proceed to share our views on recycling and why we are seeking to spread the initiative throughout our community, our province, and hopefully our country too. This will place CBHS's name on the map and will create a solid reputation and standing for the school as an active player in the South African community, and it will assert Camps Bay as a 'force to be reckoned with'.

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