Friday, April 20, 2012

CBHS Newsletter 4 - Apr '12

Dear Parents

The second term is underway and the school holidays are but a distant memory. At the end of the American Exchange I had the opportunity to stay in America for another week and attend an Education Conference (ASCD) in Philadelphia. The conference theme was a ’Call to Action’. I learned a lot at the conference as well as when I met with the principals of our host schools in West Hartford, and attended classes. Some of my observations from this experience are:

1. Single National Exams:

We regard our final Matric exams as normal. In the USA they are for the first time ever trying to do this under the heading ‘Common Core’. They are selecting a few subjects, the so-called core subjects and attempting to test these nationally for the first time ever.

2. Personal Planning:
I have come back with some good ideas on how to plan my day and better manage all the paper that comes into the school through the front office. Watch this space to see if there is any administrative improvement! Currently I am in the Catch-22 situation of where I don’t have the time to implement the system to save me time...

3. Patriotism:
I know Bob Dylan says that ‘patriotism is the last vestige to which a scoundrel clings’. However, it is refreshing to meet American children who love their country. We can learn from them in this regard.

4. Eating Habits
Americans eat too much, and the wrong things. We were horrified at the quantities that were offered at fast food chains. The ‘small’ fizzy cooldrink was a size we would definitely not have called ‘small’ back home. This and the high sugar content of most fast food are having a negative impact on their Nation’s health. One morning I was watching a programme where they said that one third of American children were over-weight. Walking around, this does appear to be the case.

5. Communication and Team Work:
We often feel our communication is not that good. However, the Americans were really impressed with our daily staff meetings and resolved to implement this in their schools. Linked to this is a sense of ‘Team’. The visiting teachers were very complementary of the sense of team we enjoy amongst the staff at Camps Bay High. This was very encouraging.

The one big idea I have come away with is around finding ways of getting Camps Bay High pupils to happily and routinely tackle more difficult work. To accept failure as part of the ‘fun’ of doing more difficult and higher order tasks. We have a habit of not creating space for challenge, and spend too much time ‘spoon-feeding’ the children. So we are going to think of ways of making this happen. The starting point is to change the ‘mindset’ of our pupils.

‘If you think you can you are right and if you think you can’t, you are right!’

Hockey Tours:
Our Boys’ and Girls’ First Team hockey sides travelled to George to take part in a pre-season York High Tournament. Valuable lessons were learned and a great time was had by all. Both teams were competitive, and managed to draw some matches which is an improvement on last year. Thanks to Ms Parker, Ms Thomson and Mr Grobler for taking those teams to George.

Traffic on School Grounds:
As our speed bumps got lower, so the speed of parents and visitors driving through the school grounds increased. To calm the traffic and slow everyone down we have re-built the speed bumps. Initially we made two of the bumps very high. We have subsequently reduced the height of these bumps and they are now all in place. This will slow vehicles down and consequently make it far safer for our pupils walking on the driveway.

We have been making a real effort to keep our website up to date. If you have a moment while surfing the net, please take a look at it. I am hoping you will be as impressed as I am.

WCED Maintenance:
The Department of Education have very kindly allocated us money for the maintenance of our property. They have given money for three projects, namely repairs to our water pipes, repairs to our roof and repairs to the windows., The window hinges have corroded over the 50 years and we have had an increasing number of windows that have suddenly fallen out when opening them. This poses a danger to anyone walking below. Gratefully we can now address this urgent maintenance need.
I am sure you have heard how often we have burst pipes and have no water at school. With this WCED money we are able to replace large sections of this old piping and also put in stop valves to allow us to isolate a burst pipe and still supply the water to other parts of the school. When these two large projects have been completed we should have a little of the WCED money left over to repair and replace sections of the roof that have been leaking.

New Governing Body:
The new Governing Body met on the 12th April 2012 and in an epic 3½ hour meeting got the work for their term of office underway. I am pleased to announce that Ashraf Abrahams and Ingrid van Diemen have also been co-opted onto the Governing Body. Ashraf has a daughter in Grade 8 and was the Governing Body Chair Person at the Preparatory School in Camps Bay. Ingrid has a son in Grade 9 and a daughter in Grade 10.

The Winter sports season has started with Rugby playing all their games against Parkland College at home on Saturday. All sports practices have started. Parents are invited to come to our Derby Day against Westerford High at Westerford on 5th May 2012. This will be a most enjoyable morning where we compete in all our sporting codes.

Essay Writing Competition
On 23rd March 2012 Ninah Hendricks entered into the 2nd round of the Nedbank Essay Writing Competition. Ninah had to present her essay entitled ‘The Western Cape and its Growth Spurt… Where Did It Go?’ The topic of the essay was to focus on the economy of the Western Cape, with references to the nation as a whole. During this presentation Ninah not only had to present her oral to Treasury and the Western Cape Education Department but she also had to undergo questioning on her essay and socio-economic issues facing South Africa.

The next day Ninah, her parents and her teacher Mr Cunliffe were invited to dine at the Westin Hotel located within the CTICC to find out the results of the presentation. Ninah and the 17 other finalists, including their accompanying parents and teachers were also joined by the Minister of Tourism and Economic Development and Minister of Education along with the executive members of both the National Treasury and Nedbank. Each of the 17 essay writing finalists received a certificate and cash prize depending on their essay quality. It was after this that the 12 bursary recipients were announced; the winners would win a bursary to the value of R75 000 – R85 000 to study at a South African university of their choice to study degrees within the Mathematics, Economics or Accounting Faculty for a minimum of three years.

Ninah was one of the 12 bursary recipients and says she has been greatly humbled by the whole experience. She would like to thank Mr Cunliffe for bringing her attention to this competition and for mentoring her throughout the experience. Ninah would also like to thank Nedbank and the National Treasury for creating this platform for her to study further and pursue her dream of becoming a chartered accountant.

As this is an Exam Term, parents are encouraged to look at the Test and Assignment calendar that Mr Mostert released last week. (A copy can be viewed on the Camps Bay High School blog ‹‹here››). The focus of the term is on our academic programme and all efforts are directed towards this end.

Yours sincerely



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