Monday, November 14, 2011

CBHS Bids Farewell to Kiri Roussopoulos & Margie Fisher - Nov '11

On Saturday, 12 November 2011, the staff of Camps Bay High School bad farewell to two of their staff members who between them have served the school for 68 years. They are both retiring.
Kiri Roussopoulos has been a member of staff at Camps Bay High School for 31 years. He was the Head of Music, taught Mathematics and Music and is also the school photographer.

Margie Fisher is part of the support team. She has been the in-house caterer for many functions and has provided some of the most delicious meals during the 37 years she has been at the school.

To view the complete set of photos of the Farewell Dinner on Flickr, please click here

Above: Kiri Roussopoulos pictured with his wife, Mrs Nancy Roussopoulos, who is the Principal at the Camps Bay Preparatory School

Above: Margie Fisher sharing some stories with her family, the staff and friends

Above: Kiri enjoying the evening with a number of the teachers who have also served the school for many years. From left: Eban Tucker, Kiri Roussopoulos, Louis Mostert (Deputy Principal), Ted Baker and William Cawood

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