Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CBHS Newsletter 7 - Jul '11

Dear Parents

The third term has started and our pupils appeared happy to be back at school yesterday. Teaching started immediately and homework has been given, so you should see your child back to regular work. In most classes time will be spent going over the exam papers from last term.

In our first assembly, we took a moment to think of Nelson Mandela on his birthday. All pupils were encouraged to find a way of doing some service to our country in the week as part of the call for 67 minutes. I asked pupils to think of some activity that has as its guiding principle one or more of the following aspects: respect, love, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, humility and unity.


Grade 8 – 11: Wednesday 20th July from 5:30 to 7pm
Grade 12: Thursday 21st July from 5:30 – 7pm.

The Grade 12 meeting will start with a ½ hour plenary where the following topics will be addressed:
1. Exam timetable for Mock Matric;
2. Matric Dance;
3. Important events in the term;
4. General behaviour;
5. Portfolio work;
6. School attendance.

This evening is COMPULSORY for the Matrics and their Parents.

The parent evening is an opportunity to meet the teachers and discuss issues and concerns arising from the 2nd term report. Tea will be served.

The Winter Sports season continues, with regular fixtures. Mr Becker will issue the fixture list for the term early next week, as we are still waiting for some of the sporting code convenors to finalise their fixtures. We have a new Derby Day on Saturday 20th August against Groote Schuur at Groote Schuur.
Click ‹‹here›› to view the fixtures.

Mr Cottle and Mr O’Reilly returned safely from Bali after taking a bunch of keen Camps Bay surfers on a safari to the legendary Bali waves. All accounts indicate that a lot of great surf was enjoyed on the trip with a few cuts and grazes from the reef and collisions with surfboard fins. Plans are already forming for a repeat of this trip in the future.


I am pleased to report that while we were on holiday, the ground staff and governors were hard at work ensuring that we continue to maintain and develop our plant. During the 3 week break, the following progress was made:

1. The boys’ change rooms upgrade was 95% completed.
2. The floors and pupil foyer area were completely cleaned and re-polished.
3. All the doors and frames in the downstairs corridor were sanded down and re-varnished.
4. Internet connections were wired to every classroom in the school.
5. New posters were put up.
6. New signage was erected.
7. A new cupboard was built in the staffroom.
8. All classes were thoroughly cleaned.

View the gallery of our renovations ‹‹here››.


Congratulations to Edward and Dianne Motha who were blessed with the birth of a baby boy, Jordan, in the holidays.

We welcome Mrs Alison Knipe as our new receptionist.

Above: Mrs Alison Knipe

You can view our complete staff portfolio with titles and responsibilities ‹‹here››.

Many parents will have read with alarm how our past Head Prefect, Nicola Soekoe and her parents were involved in a pirate attack on their tour party in Brazil. Nicola is currently a Rotary Exchange pupil in the country. We were very proud of how she conducted herself and of the very comprehensive account of her ordeal she wrote, which appeared on the front page of the Cape Times.

We were sad to learn that a former foreman of our school, Dennis Abrahams passed away after a short illness. He is remembered fondly at Camps Bay by all who knew him. Dennis served the school for 36 years with pride.

Matthew Harvey, Kiyan van Rensburg and Yamkela Mahlangebeza left on Saturday for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden to represent South Africa. They will return to South Africa on 8 August and will be back at school on the 10 August. We hope they have a wonderful time and we look forward to a report on their trip on their return.

We have a lot of work to do this term and so need your help in ensuring that your child gets back into the swing of work as quickly as possible.



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