Sunday, April 3, 2011

CBHS Teacher on Core Values in LeadSA Newsletter - Apr '11

Camps Bay High School's Alexa le Chat featured in the April issue of the Lead SA newsletter! Due to limited space available, they had to shorten it a bit, but the response has been good, as now we have people within schools actually reporting back on how the BOR is affecting us. For future newsletters please visit

Above: Alexa le Chat - Camps Bay High School Teacher

Having noticed that there are core values missing in some youths today, we decided to highlight these with a year-long ‘Focus on Values’ initiative. The six values include community, respect for others, respect for self, responsibility and commitment, discipline and gratitude. Learners nominate their ‘valuedictorian’; learners who embody the values.

When the Bill of Responsibilities came out, we were dealing with respect for others as well as human rights. The learners were encouraged to show respect for others through courtesy to others, not disrupting lessons, respecting authority and helpfulness. Having an actual document adds notable clout to what many learners used to view as one of those teacher clich├ęs, "with every right comes a responsibility." The Bill is a very useful tool as it shows learners that they have a part to play too. Children are very quick to tell you that they have rights but often fail to hold up their end of the bargain. It places an onus on learners to uphold their own and other's rights.

By encouraging learners to take responsibility, they are able to show that they value themselves and others. If I respect myself I will also respect others.

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