Thursday, May 27, 2010

founders day 2010

Founder's Day Assembly brought a fresh sense of heritage to our school. The 104 year legacy was reinforced through Mr de Korte's talk on awareness of our heritage:

Welcome to our special guests, Mrs Roussopoulos and Mr Collier, also a big welcome to parents and past pupils. We are delighted that our Marimba Band of last year, the African Renaissance group are here – but more of them later.

Every year we choose a day to remember our school history, the first child who entered the small school building behind the library 104 years ago. We now have 3rd generation pupils at the high school. This means that you are sitting here today and your grandfather/mother and father/mother attended the Camps Bay Schools. Michael Way is one such example. We are all here today thanks to the first class of 1906 that was such a success, that the school grew and did not die.

The Camps Bay Way

Over the years we have developed a unique ethos and way of doing this. This has been called ‘The Camps Bay Way’. This embodies the following aspects:
  • Embracing diversity – recognising our differences and seeing how we can complement each other
  • Finding our passion – that this that we shine at
  • Playing sport – in a way that is fun
  • Being confident and able to mingle with adults respectfully and comfortably
  • Being PROUDLY Camps Bay – BIG on spirit
  • A good sense of self, so that we can try new things.
  • Not tied into a fear of failure, but rather a spirit of adventure.
You are Camps Bay High today.
You, are the custodians of the ‘Camps Bay Way’.

You came here to be part of this school and now you carry the heart of the school for this time before you pass it on to the next generation.

I believe you are doing a great job and encourage you to continue in this way –
‘The Camps Bay Way’

Nicola Soekoe, head prefect, read the

We, the pupils of Camps Bay High School in 2010, undertake to maintain the fine traditions upon which the school is built. We acknowledge that we have a 104 year legacy from all the Camps Bay pupils that have gone before us. The legacy we commit ourselves to is:
  • Academic excellence:
    By this we mean that every pupil does their very best in their studies

  • Cultural Diversity:
    Our strength is in our diversity. To continue to be proud that we are different. To set the standard in how to be together and to respect each others differences.

  • Performing and Visual Arts:
    To provide pupils who are artistic, musical or can act an opportunity to develop these skills in a supportive and nurturing educational setting.

  • Sport:
    To play to the best of our ability in a way that demonstrates good sportsmanship and the ability to be gracious in victory and defeat.

  • Service:
    To always think of others less fortunate than ourselves. To actively find ways of serving others and to make this part of our school life.

  • To always be proud
    that you are a Camps Bay High School past pupil. To always conduct yourselves everywhere in such a way that brings honour to you, your family and your school.
And to this we commit ourselves.

The Marimba Band was introduced to new comers at the school and the launch of their first CD was announced! Ms Maartens gave a very emotional speech, praising them for their years of commitment to the art, and congratulating them on their achievement and making CBHS proud to be associated with them.

They performed two songs with the utmost perfection and joie de vivre.

We congratulate them!

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