Sunday, March 15, 2009

CBHS Surfing Camp - Mar '09

Last weekend, the CBHS Surfers embarked on their annual Surf Camp to Elands Bay. The surfers consisted of Dan Colombo, Ike Forsythe, Brusco Cock, Jessie Goodman, Nick Preen and Denham Preen. The Surfers were accompanied by two Matric Bodyboarders; Greg Sarron and Kobus Els.

We arrived in Elands Bay to small and inconsistent surf, but the team still made the best of it and were in the water for many hours every day.With little swell, this year’s surf camp was still a tremendous success and on behalf of all the surfers, we would like to thank Mr de Korte and Mr Baker for all their time and effort, both in the water and out.

Nicholas Preen