Thursday, January 22, 2009

CBHS Focus on 3 Big Ideas - Jan '09

We are focusing on three big ideas for this year:

1. Camps Bay really goes GREEN
We will be investigating ways of raising our environmental awareness. This will be more than just recycling. In all our subjects we will be creating material that focuses on these issues. A start will be the Grade 8 EMS pupils who will sell organic food at the Westerford Derby Day in March.

2. Proudly Camps Bay
The Prefects and RCL will continue to grow the ideas around what it means to be ‘Proudly Camps Bay’. This will include War Cries and organizing supporters for our different sporting and cultural events.

3. Measuring how well we are actually doing
We may have this feeling that we are doing very well as a school, but we don’t really know how well in areas other than academic, where we can look at the marks. We are going to find ways to measure how well we are doing in other areas, like growing the moral values of our pupils, improving our pupils health and increasing pupil involvement in the extra-mural programme to mention a few.