Thursday, February 3, 2011

CBHS Achievers and Friend's Wall - Feb '11

During 2006 we celebrated 100 years of schooling in Camps Bay. It was an opportunity to connect with the greater Camps Bay High family, stretching back into our history.

This family comprised two groups
  • firstly, our former pupils, and
  • secondly, our ardent supporters who are parents and friends.
We honour our former pupils and friends of Camps Bay High School who have achieved or made a difference in some way by displaying their photographs in the foyer of the school.

Should you have any nominations for this Wall, kindly contact the school on 021-438-1507 or e-mail

The criteria for appearing on the Wall are :
  • A past pupil of Camps Bay High School, though it is not necessary to have graduated from the school;
  • To be someone who has achieved in a way that would make the school proud;
  • We are open to achievements on all fronts and will consider any nomination on its merit.
So far, the following people have been recognized for their achievements to date:


Kate Ascott-Evans – Actress
Duncan Barson – Motorcycling Champion   
Andrea Bernstein – Sportswoman
Justin Bonello – Celebrity Chef, Television Presenter and Director
Tanya Bonello – Artist
Peter Bunting – Clinical Biochemist
Mike Campbell – Professor of Music
Alan Chiat – Sportsman
Tracy Eastman – Medical
Sean Effeness – PhD / Editor of Science Magazine
Kim Faclier – Entrepreneur
Jo-Ann Galloway – Singer, Actress and Dancer
Dalton Gibbs – Conservationist
Anton Goldman – Gymnast
Colin Harvey – Property Entrepreneur
Michele Harvey – Community Volunteer
Janet Heard – Journalist
Antony Hoffman – Film Director
Andrew Ingram – Photographer
Sean Jerram – Springbok Surfer
Shelley Kilzer – Entrepreneur
Precious Kofi – Entrepreneur
Earl Krause – Entrepreneur
William Liltved – Natural Historian
Andrew Macpherson – Musician
Kerri MacPherson – Model
Linda Matsolo – Fundraiser
Noluthando Meje – Television Presenter
Rick Nankin – Sailing
Samantha Obery – Marketing Director
Jenie Oliver – Singer
Lewis Pugh – Swimmer and Environmentalist
Katherine Roussopoulos – Musician
Stelio Savante – Actor
Bernard Schäfer – Entrepreneur
Craig Smith – Sports Physiotherapist
Kevin Tucker – Entrepreneur
Simon ThirskSportsman
Rouvanne van den Berg – Mime Artist
Melissa van Hoogstraten – Entrepreneur
Peri van Papendorp – Advertising
Gordon Verhoef – Entrepreneur
Janez Vermeiren – Model and Television Presenter
Gunner Way – Sportsman
Wendy Way – Coach
Chris Willemse – Community
Gina Ziervogel – PhD in Geography / Doctor in Geography
   / International Researcher on Climate Change


Dennis Abrahams
Colin Eglin
Barry Gie
John Ince
Shirley Marin
Shirley Markus
Gertrude Meltzer
Rodney Mazinter
Henry Robbins
Marlene Silber
Stella Stopforth
Eban Tucker 
Peter Visser
Stephen Watson